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Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you’re here. My About Me page will explain who I am and why I blog, but maybe you are here for a specific reason, and I want to give you some resources.

On Infertility

Some of you may have come upon my blog because you’re searching for infertility support. “Who Shot Down My Stork?” was my first blog started in 2012 to document my infertility journey. If you are a former follower of that blog, you’re in luck! All those old posts are still here!

Here are some links that may help you out:

All my infertility-related blog posts

My most popular posts, including other articles I’ve written on infertility

The timeline on everything we went through to have a baby

And everything we spent to have her

PIO Tips and Tricks (everything I learned the hard way so you don’t have to)

On Pregnancy and Parenting

Maybe you found me on another site on parenting. Maybe you are pregnant or have a child and whether or not you experienced infertility, you are so welcome here. I’m an infertility-turned-parenting blogger and while I talk about the kid ad nauseam sometimes (because, hello, she’s totally adorable), I still like to talk about infertility and my marriage and more recently, my personal life, as in the tough things no one tells you when you become a parent. My writing is down to earth, real, raw, and hilarious and my best posts have a little of everything.

You can read about my pregnancy week by week here. I always found it so helpful reading about others’ experience when I was expecting Olivia.

My week by week pregnancy photos (COMING SOON!)

All my parenting-related blog posts

I welcome comments and emails on any questions you have or just have a story to tell. You can read more about me and my story here. You can also find me in these other places—with Facebook being the most frequented:




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