One Week To Go!

Let’s talk FET and the fact that I have exactly one week until my embryo transfer. I’m not sure how this came up so quickly. Last time we talked about this upcoming trip and the fact that I needed a saline sonogram (SIS).

The SIS was insanely stressful to get. I needed to find somewhere last minute because my RE and OB clinics were not cutting it. The RE I’m doing my monitoring at wouldn’t do it, and the OB could only do it a week out and I needed it like, yesterday. So. It was stressful. But I got it done at an imaging center and everything looked good.

Last week I had my first monitoring appointment (on my birthday, but that’s how I roll) and that went well too. Lining was 6.3 and my estrogen level was 211. Far better than my monitoring with Olivia, so that was a relief. My doctor wanted to add a second estrogen patch, but after I talked to the nurse at the clinic, I got the OK to do vaginal estrace in addition to my three times a day estrace under my tongue instead of doubling up on my patches. The patches are $40 for me and last a little less than a month, so doubling that… well, it’s much cheaper for me to try upping the estrace.

Yesterday, I had another monitoring appointment at my request. I wasn’t comfortable with waiting until Friday when we get to Texas to do another appointment in case there were any issues. My lining had jumped to 9 and my estrogen levels were 2,632!!!! Whew. Estrogen. So much estrogen. I’m swimming in estrogen. Probably why my boobs hurt so bad. And why I’m psychotic.

My next appointment is Friday when we fly to Houston. I’ll start my PIO injections that evening and then Lovenox injections Monday. So along with that itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini, I’ll be packing some serious needles for this trip. I’m not going to pretend I’m excited beyond all reason to start shots twice a day again.

We’ve talked to Olivia about us going “on a vacation” but she doesn’t seem to really care. Obviously, she has no idea how long we’re going to be gone, but she seems pretty cool with it. Me, I’m a bit of a mess. I’m going to miss my baby so much. So much that I can’t even think too much about it. It’s kind of sucky. Leaving your first baby for 8 days because you have to go get pregnant with your second. Plus, what if she thinks we’ve abandoned her forever?? Eh, knowing Olivia, she’ll adjust.

Kidding. Kidding. She’ll be in great hands.

I’ve been doing remarkably better this week, but the last two previous weeks were ROUGH. I don’t know if it was the stress, or coming off my antianxiety, or the added hormones, but I was so emotional. I had the usual breakdown that I have for every transfer right before my SIS and since then, I was having a tough time.

I saw an infertility therapist last week and she made me a hypnosis recording on my phone to listen to before transfer and ever since then, I’ve felt a lot more stable and in control. Weird, right? But I’ve been feeling a lot better and I’m so grateful for that.

I’ll try to give another update after my appointment Friday and we get to Galveston!

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Lady, it’s on!!!! I’m also marveling at where the time went, but things are looking very good! Everything crossed for you. May the trip be smooth, the transfer even smoother and the stress from these past few weeks a thing of the past.


Nearly there! May everything go perfectly for you. Hope you get to enjoy the non-stressful bits of your vacation : )


Risa, sending you all the good vibes! It’s such an exciting/nerve-wracking time. I have my FET today and up the wall with nerves! Hoping we both get good outcomes, will be following you closely


Sending you all the good vibes and positivity!!