We’re going on vacation to get pregnant, but it’s not what you think

We're going on vacation to get pregnant, but it's not what you think

The last post was a bit of a rant, wasn’t it? It’s here if you missed it, but in a nutshell, this cycle has been a bit of a shit show and it all has to do with coordinating all the tests and procedures my doctor needs done for it and my clinic here that I’ve been doing monitoring at has not been accommodating. I still need a hysteroscopy, which is now turned into a saline sonogram because my OB can do it in the clinic, and it’s cheaper, AND my fertility doc had said that was OK. The order was faxed to my OB, but I have yet to hear from them, so I’ll be calling Monday.

We're going on vacation to get pregnant, but it's not what you think

Anyway. Let’s talk about this Texas trip.

I’ve talked about how anxious I’ve been with this transfer and now I think I have a great solution to all that, though I still wish I could just have sex and get pregnant like everyone else and skip all this nonsense.

We’re going to be flying into Houston on a Friday to do my last ultrasound and then we’ll have until Tuesday where we’re just waiting around. So why not make it a vacation? Sort of like this:

We're going on vacation to get pregnant, but it's not what you think

Except not because I’m pretty sure I’ll be bloated from the estrogen pills and we’re not supposed to be having sex anyways that close to transferring. #infertilecouple

I had started out looking for beach houses and condos to rent, but then we went onto the Airbnb site and ended up finding a 1890s bungalow for $50 a night! It has no TV, but it has a full kitchen so we can buy groceries and make meals (you know when we’re not stuffing our faces with po’ boys and coconut shrimp) and I’m so excited. It’s in Galveston and it’s right by the ocean and we’ll have a short drive into downtown. It’s going to be our vacation, you guys. I figure if I can think of this as a vacation with a little impregnation in the middle of it, I’ll be so much less stressed that this is more about Chris And Risa Get Away For Awhile than The Transfer. Because The Transfer is scary, and this vacation is just fun. With no TV of course.

After the beach house stay, we’ll drive to Houston, check into our hotel, and then do the transfer the next day. That was another sweet deal we got as well. We managed to book a 4-star hotel near the airport for another $50 a night. Yes, we are amazing. The amount of money we’re saving for this trip has shocked me. So far, with airfare and hotels, we’ve spent about $900, which for an 8-night stay is pretty dang good. After the transfer, I’ll be on bed rest for three days, which of course, judging from Olivia’s transfer, isn’t all that important. I’ll rest on the day of transfer, but then I will be up and moving around because I think it will be good for my body.

We're going on vacation to get pregnant, but it's not what you think

This will be good. I’m excited about it. I mean, I’m excited because I’m trying not to think too much about, you know, The Transfer. My little frozen baby. The baby I’m bringing home regardless, and pray they wind up in my arms next summer. So I’m trying not to think about it too much.

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I think your “vacation” sounds perfect! I even like the part about no tv. I think it’s a great time to connect without the distraction. Will Olivia be going with you, or will be she be staying back home with someone? My fingers, toes, and everything in between are crossed for you! Come on baby #2!


You are making a brilliant decision – focus on one bit at a time, and make the bits that can be fun as much fun as possible. I love the way you have described this as bringing baby home no matter what happens next. Risa, you have done and are doing absolutely everything you can. You are amazing. Reading how many challenges you have overcome to get this far is humbling. The final step isn’t controllable but you will KNOW that there was nothing more you could have done. You have mothered this little one with tenacity and a fierce… Read more »


This sounds awesome! Given all the crap you’ve had to deal with, it sounds like a perfect end before the transfer.

May the saline sonogram go well and the bs you’ve been dealing with disappear.


EEK so exciting!!! Hope all of these pesky storms stay away from here so it does not mess up your trip!!


I love that you are going on vacation to get pregnant! Is Olivia going with you or will it just be you two? I’m thinking sticky baby thoughts for you!!