Winning at Easter (sort of)

Easter 2018

We had some snow here for Easter so any chance of trying an egg hunt outdoors with Olivia was out. I actually wasn’t sure what she would think of finding Easter eggs this year, but she actually got the concept really quick. I hid them pretty out in the open, but she’s proven to me that she is way smarter than that. She had a great time. There were rainbow goldfish crackers and Teddy Grahams hidden in the eggs, so each one had to be open and its content ate before she could move on to the next.

Easter 2018

We ended up going to the church service Friday night and I decided coordinating purple plaid was the perfect Easter outfits for it. We stopped at Subway for dinner afterward and Olivia got her own kid’s meal, which she was pretty excited about. Sunday morning was then an opportunity to relax, do the egg hunt and hang out as a family. We were due at my parents at 1:00 p.m., so Olivia and I ended up laying down in my bed to nurse and luckily she fell asleep for an hour in my arms, so we didn’t have to miss that afternoon nap.

Easter 2018

Plus, how cute is this baby when she sleeps?

Since she got her very own mug in her basket (tin, not ceramic so it won’t break into a million pieces when she inevitably throws it on the floor), we needed to have tea time together.

Easter 2018

We did another Easter egg hunt and she got another basket from her grandparents at their house. My mom and aunt hid them pretty well and she tore around there, snatching the eggs up before her little cousin could get some. (We learned the valuable lesson of sharing with those littler than you.)

Unfortunately, I forgot to do the last of our resurrection eggs. This link here isn’t the exact one we made in MOPS, but it’s a general idea. She had so much fun opening one every day while I read her the corresponding verse from the slip of rolled paper inside each egg.

Easter 2018

Of course, I failed miserably actually doing the last egg on Easter—you know, the most important one, the one that’s empty, signifying Jesus’ victory over death, and I was too distracted with Easter bunnies and adorable spring dresses that didn’t match the weather we had outside.

Anyway, another holiday passes us by. I hope you all had a lovely Easter/Passover!

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Is it me or are these pictures of Olivia suddenly much more ‘little girl’ then ‘baby’? She looks so much older (and still super cute)! Glad you had a great Easter : )


I second that she look so much older all of the sudden!! Such a cutie pie!!


Her hair is getting long! I love her little side eye look while drinking from her new cup. Adorable!