I hope you stocked up on carpet cleaner

I hope you stocked up on carpet cleaner

This potty training thing happens tomorrow. Send wine. Or maybe that Oh Crap Potty Training book I was supposed to read. I have teeny tiny underwear. Lots of them. We have an obnoxious Minnie Mouse potty that cheers when you “flush” it, a ridiculous device I swore I would never buy, but I seem to justify a lot of things when I buy them secondhand.

She’s ready for this. I am not.

I hope you stocked up on carpet cleaner

I’m a planner. Infertility was so hard to go through because I could never plan anything. I have all these little underwear that makes me want to squeal with cuteness and a potty I want to throw down the stairs and Chris took Thursday and Friday off, and we’re as ready as we can be, but I’m still not, you know, ready.

I don’t think anyone ever is though. She’s pooping on the toilet almost every night before bed, and she will let me know periodically when we’re out and about, but she doesn’t ever want to go during the day when I ask her, so in all honesty, my life is probably over.

It’s not the best timing because I have MOPS and a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and Friday she has “school” and Chris and I are getting out on a date that night. Then we have our niece’s birthday party Saturday night and I don’t know. I feel like I’m going to have to apologize to a lot of people in the next week for Olivia peeing on their floors.

But who knows? She could surprise me. Someone said when it comes to potty training you have to have endless patience and very low expectations. Right, OK.

Please y’all. Send wine.

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Oh dear. Yes, potty training does require an endless amount of patience (which I lack. Which also made potty training my least favorite part of parenting so far!), but you WILL get through it! If she is already pooping in the toilet, you have won the majority of the battle right there!!!!! That. Is. Awesome. Wishing you the best of luck that this is a smoother transition than you anticipate. One tip of advise that I took to heart was to NOT ask if they have to go potty. Don’t give them the opportunity to say no. Instead, say something… Read more »


I am with Amber on the patience and least favorite part of parenting. I have found that potty training is either really really hard or really really easy; I’ve had both. The bad part was the easy ones were my first two kids (girls) so when it ended up being hard, I was all WTF lol
Hope you have been having good success and that it’s not so hard for you guys!!


Hope it’s going well : ) It might take over your lives for a while… and then suddenly it will click and not even be something anyone thinks about!


But I hear it’s easier for girls so there is that going for ya!! Me on the other hand not so much..haha