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It’s time for my first Ask Me Anything question! I admit I haven’t got as many questions as I was hoping but maybe that means I’m already so open? Click here to read the original post that talks about what I’m looking for. And here you can click to submit an anonymous question. You can also scroll to the bottom of this post to see the form. Nothing is off limits! Though trolling is not so appreciated. Here is a reader question that I decided to address before I get to today’s:

I thought bloggers liked readers. Why does reading your blog make me an asshole in your eyes?

It took me awhile to understand the question. In my original post calling for questions I said:

I’m an open book on here, for the most part. I do have limits. Buuut I realize it’s really really fun to read about someone’s private life and their innermost thoughts. (You assholes who have been following along for years seem to enjoy it.)

Now either I am really failing at being funny now that I am a mother who is still wearing maternity jeans, or someone doesn’t understand sarcasm.

Or you’re just being a jerk. Either way, you may not be a good fit for reading this blog. Moving on.

Ask Me Anything: Reader Question #1:

Fellow Elvis fan, I’ve noticed Elvis décor in the background of your pictures. How long have you been a fan and how did you become a fan? Do you play his music or movies or both for Olivia? If yes, is she a pint size fan?

First of all, fellow Elvis fan—holla! You may be referring to this picture?

8 Things I'm Excited for in 2018

Yes, that is my Snuggie. Joke’s on you, I actually like it. So there is actually a story behind all this. Elvis, not the Snuggie. I think I started collecting Elvis stuff in high school. My grandma (my dad’s mom) was a YOUGE Elvis fan. You know those people who go up to some famous person and say, “Hey, famous person! I’m your biggest fan!” Only my grandma really truly is his biggest fan. And growing up, she always had Elvis around the house, first in her cabin, and then later in her townhome. My dad called me up one day not long after Chris and I moved into our house, about eight years ago now. He told me that Grandma wanted me to inherit her Elvis collection. She knew in high school I collected Elvis memorabilia such as figurines and purses and she wanted me to have it all. I wish I could put into words what an incredible honor this was. But I can’t.

It didn’t come without some family awkwardness. After all, The Collection was all going to a grandkid. And probably not even one of the favorite ones. I don’t know what all her kids thought prior to this about what would happen to The Collection. We’re talking easily 250 items or so in varying values from blue suede shoes salt and pepper shakers to records to a lamp to statues to collectors plates. Everything you could put the King of Rock and Roll on I have. And there was some hurt feelings and resentment from my aunt and uncles. It was a bit awkward. But through it all, Grandma was insistent that I have it all. So I have it all, minus a few things my aunt has. I remember when all the boxes came to my house and I spent hours looking through it and putting them in their new places in my office. One day the collection might go out on the big wall shelving we have down in the family room but for now, they’re all in my office. I even have the life-size cardboard cutout of Elvis that was propped in the corner of the room until I decided it was too fucking startling every time I came in there and turned on the light. So it’s in the closet until further notice.

My grandma passed away in January and her funeral was February 1:

Grandmas funeral

She left a huge legacy. No one in my family can think of Grandma without thinking of Elvis.

As far as his music and videos—no. Do I have them? Yes. Do I play them? Not usually. Though I do have his #1’s album and I DID almost play Jailhouse Rock for our wedding party dance so does that count?

And no, Olivia has no clue about Elvis. But someday she will. All she knows now is she better not touch anything in there, save for the TCB teddy that she can pet with two fingers.

ask me anything elvis

I haven’t collected anymore since. Maybe because I have so much? Chris and I were actually talking about this the other night, about what happens to this collection down the road. I suppose Olivia would get it eventually. I don’t know. Right now, they’re displayed out, (dusting will NEVER happen, let me tell you that) and there they will stay for quite some time.

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I would be happy for you to call me an asshole! Sometimes, friendly abuse (especially here in NZ or Australia) is the highest compliment someone can give.

Jenny Rivers
Jenny Rivers

So excited that you answered my question 🙂


I used to watch Elvis movies with my grandparents all the time! Actually, if I’m telling the truth, I liked watching them even when I wasn’t watching WITH them, lol. I grew up watching old westerns, Elvis, and Doris Day movies with them. Great memories. What an awesome gift to have passed down from your grandma, although I can imagine the awkwardness with the relatives.


My vote is the first person was a troll. Bravo for calling them out.

And what a wonderful story about your Elvis collection. My MIL is also a fan, but doesn’t have any of the collectibles. But his music still makes her dance, which is pretty awesome.