Ask Me Anything: I need your help

Ask me anything

Internet friends, while I have a ton of updates swirling around my head that I need to get down on here (my perimenopause diagnosis, my anxiety, Olivia’s speech development, our trip back to Texas for our embryos), I thought I would ask YOU what your burning questions are.

Ask me anything

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I’m an open book on here, for the most part. I do have limits. Buuut I realize it’s really really fun to read about someone’s private life and their innermost thoughts. (You assholes who have been following along for years seem to enjoy it.) So I’m all about being open and I thought it would be fun to start a weekly series on Ask Me Anything. Obviously, this can only go so far as long as I have questions from you.

Nothing is off the table, unless you want to ask me something that would make my mom blush too hard to read and it make things totally awkward at the next get-together, but I’m also willing to consider it with a good trigger warning at the top.

Is there something you have wondered about me? About my marriage? My superb parenting skills? My infertility, pregnancy, birth, losses, anger management at my toddler, donor eggs?

Is there something you want more information or clarification on about something I’ve written in the past?

Is there something I can help solve for you?

Do you wonder if you’re the only one who thinks/acts/feels a certain way?

Ask me! The worst I’ll do is play the passive-aggressive Minnesotan and not answer.

Anyway, here is the form you can go to and your answer will be completely anonymous (trust me, I can barely figure out how to run my website, much less think of a way to find out who sent what question). If you prefer, you can enter your question right here below. It works the same way!

I will start next week with a post a week, going through questions until I have none. Does that sound fun?

I’ll make sure to include this form in my future posts as well in case something comes up at a later time.

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I do have a question! Have you started reading any age appropriate books to Olivia about egg donation? I would really like to start with my kiddos, but would love recommendation on the best, most relatable ones for young kids.