Which one of you stole my baby?

Which one of you stole my baby?

Because suddenly I have this toddler. And I’m not really sure how that happened. I’ve been a bit inactive on here, and I plan on posting about what all has been going on (all good things, I promise!) but right now let’s talk about my baby.

And how I’m convinced one of you stole her.

At what point do you look at your child and think, wow, you’re actually growing into this person?

For me, that was this weekend. Because we bought a bed for her. A real live bed.

Three reasons for this:

  1. I may actually be insane.
  2. She was starting to ingest splinters of wood from her crib because she insists on chewing despite Chris and I declaring war on her by trying (and failing) to pad every surface of the railings to the point of ridiculousness.
  3. She recently started climbing out and while I secretly hoped her first time would be a tumble so bad, it’d scare her into never trying it again, she surprised us all and landed like a lynx and so she thinks it’s awesome and tries it all the time.

Hence, new bed. We hemmed and hawed for a while before starting to do some research on mattresses. Did you know some mattresses are crazy expensive? We saw one for $900; one for $1,200 that was, I don’t know chemical free with unicorn tears.  We found one for $190 before my friend showed me the one she had (not affiliated) and it was $123 and comfortable. Plus it was on Amazon Prime and it will be here Wednesday. We changed around her room, basically mirroring everything to the opposite side and put her crib where her new bed will go.

Which one of you stole my baby?

Excited. Also probably scoping out new places to chew. Note: we took down the shelf overhead. Also note: she really doesn’t sleep with all that stuff in there. Promise.

Her crib used to sit right on the other side of our bedroom wall because I was so paranoid about not being able to hear her at night. Well, I could hear her. Including her feet pounding on our wall, and since there’s a Texas star on it, the whole wall rattles.

Last night was the first night with her on the other side of her room and that, y’all, was the best fucking sleep I ever got.

We went to Target yesterday and we tried to let her pick out her own bedding, but they only made the cute character spreads for twin mattresses and she was getting a full. Of course, then Chris found a Frozen full size quilt that Olivia wanted and I was like, Ugh, um…. Because I had actually found an adorable sea green comforter set and these adorable sheet sets: one was mermaids and one was panda heads and I wanted to live out my childhood through her. Being that she’s two, she had no idea what she wanted: she just wanted to play in the toy aisle. I felt bad because I was hoping to find a Minnie Mouse one, but the only one they had was a twin. Online, we found one—for $50 not including sheets and since I didn’t love her that much, sea green with mermaids here we come!

I’m terrified. I’m excited. I’m both. I cycle back and forth. Olivia doesn’t give a shit as long as no one takes away her new Minnie Mouse night light.

We’re doing this.

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Ugh, I know the feeling. My “baby” started jumping about if the crib a couple months ago. But I’m not quite ready to switch him over to a bed, so we got a crib tent to keep him contained for a little bit longer. But I keep looking at his chubby baby face knowing that very soon it’s going to suddenly look a lot less baby, and that makes me sooooo sad. Good luck on the transition. Also, please share what bed you found on amazon for that great price!!!


I have been debating on converting Bowen’s crib to the full size also but so far he has not ever tried to get out of his bed. (knock on wood) While he doesn’t chew on his crib he will randomly chew on the corner of a wall..what is up with that?? He has all but one of his two year molars which I feel like is NEVER going to come in. I am hoping these recent sleepless nights might mean it is on the way. I can’t wait to hear how the new bed goes with her!!


Good luck with the new bed! When my now-3 year old was about 18 months, we were talking about when to transition her out of her crib. A couple of days later, she got so mad she somehow managed to throw herself out of it (we still have no idea how she managed it, she was and is so tiny) hard enough to give herself a concussion and an evening trip to the ER. We knew after that the crib wasn’t safe for her and put her straight in a toddler bed, which she took to immediately. I hear you… Read more »


You made me laugh so hard with this post! Unicorn tears, ha! I bet that mermaid bedding is adorable and will stand the test of time. HOW LONG CAN FROZEN POSSIBLY LAST? I enjoyed it, but then again I don’t have to watch it 80 gazillion times in a row. 🙂 Congrats on the good sleep, and hitting this milestone. Olivia is the cutest!