Go ahead, ask me how the bed transition is going

toddler bed

You really want to know?

It’s not going well.

OK, that’s dramatic. It’s going well until it isn’t. Here is an article I wrote on my thoughts during this transition for mom.me. But how has it been going since then?

The Good

She’s staying in her bed all night. No wandering. And bedtime isn’t all that terrible. Chris has pretty much taken over that because since she’s nursing, me going into her room only leads to her wanting to nurse and an inevitable meltdown. Chris is a much better alternative. She mainly tries to get out by wanting to “poop on potty” which seriously, how the heck can we refuse that?

No, kid. Stay in bed and poop in your diaper so we can come in anyway and clean it. 

So many evenings are spent coming out of the room and actually pooping in the toilet which I guess is a really good thing.

Also, she’s just so cute in it.

toddler bed

Her room doesn’t even look like this anymore. After breaking my back trying to gingerly lay her in there after nursing for naps, she’d wake up from my lack of gracefulness in manhandling her, and naps would be over. More on this below. So we bought a bed frame that was simple, but a great deal, and it’s been working out well, especially since I got a new bed rail for $10 at the consignment sale.

The Bad

Since she isn’t trapped anymore, as soon as she stirs in the morning, she’s in our room. The earliest she’s woken was 6:00 A.M. which I know isn’t allllll that bad according to some of y’all. But for the girl who slept until 8:30 on average as a baby, and then until 7-7:30 until recently, this sucks. Also, I am a huge baby when it comes to getting enough sleep. Like, if I don’t get enough, I get sick, I get nauseous, and it’s just not good. And in case you’re wondering, no, unfortunately, she doesn’t go back to sleep once she’s in bed with me.

toddler bed

Sleeping soundly. Something she doesn’t do anymore past 6 am.

The Ugly

As I said above, that transition from my arms to her mattress on the floor was pretty awful. She would startle because it was a long way to the floor for me to lay her gently down if she was snoozing after nursing or from her car seat, and the nap would effectively be over. Why is this ugly? Because you guys, I need her to nap. I NEED her to. For the love, for all that is holy and sacred, I need her to nap.

Why? For my sanity. For the fact that I went through 6 years of infertility hell and wanted her more than anything, but still cherish my time alone while she sleeps. It’s the only way I can nap too if she woke me up early, and the only way I can get any writing done. When that doesn’t happen, it’s not good.

Since we put the mattress on a bed frame, it’s been much better. Not like it used to be, but better. She now naps more days than she doesn’t. But they’re also shorter since she’s no longer trapped and immediately comes out now as soon as her eyes open.

I knew this transition was going to be a major change for both of us.

Next up, is official potty training. I tell you, the fun just never stops around here.

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I haven’t dived into this transition just yet because Bowen still just sits peacefully in his bed once he is awake. I am sure we will transition in the next few months though. Awesome that she poops in the potty!! We are semi working on potty training.


Ugh. I hear ya on the 6am wake ups! I try to encourage Ayden staying in his room until an acceptable time to wake everyone else up, but he won’t have it. He comes into our bedroom most days at 6am. Occasionally he will sleep until 6:30 or 7:00, but not very often. I remind him every single time that it’s okay to stay in his bedroom and play or read a book, but PLEASE for the love of God, stop waking me up!


Have you seen the Ok-to-wake clocks/owl? This sucker has saved my sanity, as they know there’s a light they have to adhere to before they can get out of bed.

But yes to transitions being hard. We just went through this again with buying actual beds for the Beats and then transitioning them into their own rooms. The freedom to get out of bed still is a problem, but it’s better than it once was.