2017 Reader Survey Results

2017 Reader Survey Results

2017 Reader Survey Results

I’m so grateful to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. I got 57 responses and I learned so much from you. I wanted to share them here with you!


I was actually a bit surprised—though I probably shouldn’t be—that 68% of you went through infertility.

63% of those surveyed have toddlers and 18% of you don’t have babies here on Earth.

The answers that most surprised me was the one pertaining to how you read my new posts.

2017 Reader Survey Results

(Not pictured were “bookmarked” and “Pinterest.”)

I know there were a lot who read my posts from Facebook, but I had no idea it would look this spread out, that there were so many ways you guys got to my new posts. And I just say that because back when I was on Blogger, I read blogs straight from their reader and didn’t ever really deviate. And now I track them on Feedly, but I think it’s interesting that there isn’t really one main way to find my posts.


Here were some of the most helpful comments I received on what you’d like to see in the future on here.

As someone going through infertility I am always most interested to read posts relating to this. However, I totally appreciate that this isn’t the “main” aspect of your life right now and I do enjoy reading any of your content. I do enjoy reading about stories from your past also, like part 1 of your nursing career that you just posted.

Just share more of you, more of your life and feelings. That’s what I like to read from you, just keep stretching while doing what you do.

How having a baby has changed your marriage

What is next for you all with your frozen embryos.

I am also a mommy thanks to donor eggs and I read your blog about how you’re soon going to need to begin discussing with your daughter how she came to be. I’m also inching closer to starting that discussion with my son and I’d love to know how you plan on broaching the subject.

More about life after kids. How do you maintain a healthy marriage? How are you planning/preparing for your next attempt to have a child?

I am so appreciative of the comments and suggestions. I will make sure to get these questions answered in future posts!

Also, some people suggested that the homepage kind of sucks in terms of accessing my blog (my words, not them). After a year of having a homepage, I decided I really liked this feedback and will be switching the main page to go directly to my blog and have a “Work with me” tab instead.

I’m excited to see how I can improve this blog this year! So thank you all again!

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Always interesting to get feedback like this!