Santa, balloon animals and lots of sprinkles

Santa Breakfast

Two weekends ago, we went to Chris’s work for a Santa breakfast they put on every year. Last year, Olivia was totally OK with sitting on Santa’s lap, but this year, she is two, and two-year-olds don’t do Santa.

So we sat in the chairs and Olivia was so Not Amused with the whole thing, even when Santa hid from her. Still, it makes for a pretty cute picture, Not Amused face and all.

Santa Breakfast

Imagine if I would have told her Santa was behind her…

I guess that’s the face you make when you find out that Santa is, in fact, a real person and not a 5-inch tall picture that Mama puts up on the wall to try to prepare you for the real thing.

After we saw Santa, we had breakfast, complete with a hot cocoa bar, and then it was on to crafts. We got to decorate a Christmas bulb by making snowmen with our fingerprints, which Olivia was only too happy to oblige.

There was a guy there doing balloon animals, and the stuff he was making was amazing. He made Olivia a little monkey with a heart and she thought it was the best thing ever. I was a bit worried she’d love it to death and pop the crap out of it, but it held up until I secretly threw it away a few days ago.

Santa Breakfast

She got to decorate a gingerbread man, which consisted mainly of dumping sprinkles by the handful and telling me to squeeze, “Moe! Moe!” icing on.

I mean, the girl loves a good party. We’ll just have to try again next year with the whole Santa thing.

Every family was able to leave with a gift bag which was a snowman kit. After you build a snowman, you stick these wooden pegs in which has buttons, eyes, nose, and “coal” for the mouth. So it looks like we have some outside play to do.

These Christmases are really helping me heal my heart.


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I remember when the Beats were 2 years old. They also were not amused by Santa. This year they were so excited to see Santa, they hid again due to sheer elation. At least there were no tears, but I’m certain Santa thinks we’re nuts.

Love the photos! She’s getting so big.


LOVE the look on her face, hilarious!!! They told me Bowen screamed at daycare for the Santa pics so I can’t wait to see these!


Oh Christmas at 2 is the best. Those are some of my favorite Christmas memories, especially with my first daughter. They really get it and are just so excited! And we still aren’t amused by Santa at 3 and 6. I have a similarly hilarious photo of us, my husband and I smiling near Santa, an oblivious 5 month old on his lap, and me holding my 3.5 year old who refused to even look at the camera. She did turn her baby doll to the camera once however. Good times! 😉 (We don’t do the crying kid with Santa… Read more »

Jane Allen
Jane Allen

I’ve been avoiding the whole Santa thing for as long as we can; part of me doesn’t want to lie to her and have her be disappointed later in life, but I also don’t want her to be the jerk who ruins it for everyone else


haha, she doesn’t look impressed with Santa at all! Lovely pictures though. Sound like some nice memories


That sounds like an awesome party for kids!


I love your solution to the no-Santa picture…how creative to sit in the chair and have him behind you! I don’t really get the whole putting-kids-on-Santa’s-lap thing, because I think those who cry or refuse have excellent survival instincts, ha. Strange to be like, “don’t talk to strangers, but hey, sit on this guy’s velvet lap!” This looks like an amazing party, what fun for you and Olivia! Wonderful pictures. Happy holidays, here’s to heart healing.


Doing Christmas with littles is seriously one of my favorite things! That is so fun that Chris’s work puts that on for everyone. What a great event!