“Right Now” November Edition

Right Now: November Edition

Right Now: November Edition

Reading: I’m almost done with All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr which has been amazing. After I finish it, I have the 7th Outlander book to start, An Echo In The Bone. I’m also starting to read a book on how to wean in anticipation of our transfer next year. Wish me luck. This baby isn’t weaning on her own anytime soon.

Watching: You guys, I don’t even want to admit this, but I’m watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and I am annoyingly enjoying it. It’s awful. I’m awful. Everything is awful, but I can’t. stop. watching. Chris and I have also been watching Mindhunters on Netflix which has been amazing.

Listening: To Christmas music! Olivia has found that Christmas music is just as good to jam out to as hip-hop.

Drinking: A glass of wine with my water next to it. The wine is better.

Eating: Well I’ll tell you what I’m not eating, and that’s chips and dip. What’s my problem? Why? Why do I eat this crap? Why is it so delicious?

Wearing: LulaRoe leggings and a pink tank top. Am. Always. Hot.

Loving: I’m not one of those people who enjoy putting up the Christmas stuff. But I actually kind of liked it this weekend when we set it all up. I think it’s because we just focused on the downstairs family room—save for the Christmas coffee mugs and entryway decor—and it’s actually really cozy now. Also, Thanksgiving was so much fun! Olivia loved eating cranberries and the buns. She did eat turkey, but it was way more fun stealing bits of it off the platter before we ate.

That long spiral thing is actually my sister’s bracelet, which bless her heart, she must love Olivia a lot to put up with that shit.

Anticipating: Olivia eventually pulling the Christmas tree down on top of her because we are idiots and gave her a bunch of squishy ornaments to play with on her level and now she incessantly pulls on them and screeches in excitement. Idiots. We are idiots.

Hoping: We can capture a good spending log for the month of December so we can help plan our budget for next year. I wanted to see what we were spending on gas and groceries and where exactly our money is going.

Following: A bunch of bullet journal boards on Pinterest. I have found another project to distract myself from my actual work which helps put food on the table, unlike Bullet Journal templates and fun markers. I am officially obsessed and just ordered a Bullet Journal for 2019 while I’m still using the 2018 one. I may be a bit weird.

Wondering: Why I can never get my act together and get to bed earlier.

Trying: To decorate for Christmas on a budget. I went to the dollar store to get some decor for the house because the leader in one of my small groups said she got almost all her decor from the dollar store and her home looks like a Pottery Barn spread. But…as excited as I was, my decorations just ended up looking like… they came from the dollar store.

Worrying: As usual, money. If we’ll have enough for a transfer by March, or even June.

Planning: Everything. Actually doing: nothing. See bullet journal discussion above.

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I LOVED All The Light We Cannot See! SO GOOD. What sweet pictures of Olivia! And yes. Chips and dip are the devil. Straight to the waistline they go, but I cannot resist! And I am typing this as I am dreadfully sick and exhausted and need to go to bed with some Nyquil but somehow can’t get myself into the bed. 🙂 (Also I am exploring the bullet journal stuff on Pinterest…looks intriguing!)

Jane Allen
Jane Allen

Yeah, my house would look like dollar store decorations too… Michael’s Craft store may have some cheaper stuff too. Popcorn garlands are always fun too!


I’m totally hooked on Pretty little liars too!

Jenni Hight
Jenni Hight

We use Mint.com and absolutely love it. Our friend who works for the DoD suggested it so we know it’s secure and safe.


I’m so impressed by the number of books you get read, in addition to all your articles and stuff! And bed, yeah… why can I NEVER get to bed at a decent time (as I sit here reading blog posts…) I LOVE Christmas decorations. However, I HATE actually decorating. What I hate even more is putting them all away. But, now that I have kids, their excitement makes all the work worthwhile. The magic of Christmas through their eyes is the most amazing thing to witness. Soooo, I decorate.