“Right Now” September Edition

Reading: I just finished the 6th book in the Outlander series, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I’m obsessed. I’m waiting for my reading buddy, my fellow Outlander in crime, to catch up to me to discuss, so I’m going to be reading some other books in the meantime. I just started a book that my husband finished called Wool, which has been good so far!

Watching: I’m finally watching Outlander! Drooling over Jamie and appreciative that Chris is willing to sit with me in the evenings while we watch it.

Listening: Maybe not yet, but I’m planning on downloading some audio books to listen to while I work out.

Drinking: Currently, water. And taking sips off Chris’ Redd’s Apple Ale.

Eating: Snacking on Chicken in a Biskit and sharp cheddar cheese.

Wearing: Pajamas: a big T shirt and a pair of Chris’ old basketball shorts.

Loving: All the fun stuff I got for Olivia at the consignment sale I sold at. I’ve secured all her birthday and Christmas presents, so I call that a win! I also got her a Minnie Mouse tent for $3 and a Frozen scooter. Seriously, I can’t justify hardly ever spending the money for new things for her.  I also am so excited because I made just over $460 for selling my stuff!

Anticipating: Gah! So much I’m anticipating, but I’ll have to settle for the fact that I’m already gearing up for the spring consignment sale.

Hoping: I made the right decision joining MOPS. It’s a leap of faith. It’s hard connecting with other moms sometimes that haven’t experienced a struggle for a baby. It’s even harder to join a big group of moms. It’s hard to fit in. But I love the women in my small group I just met last week, so I’m hoping this will be similar, just on a much bigger scale. And it will be good for Olivia to spend two hours in child care while I get some time away.

Following: Like many, the hurricanes in the South.

Wondering: If the birth control I just started Sunday will help with my hot flashes.

Trying: To dive back into my articles that need to be written for this month. I’m going to come up short on income, so I just need to shoot to be as close as possible. Which means I need to stop writing on this blog and get to work.

Worrying: Well I can honestly say I’m doing less of this. I have been worrying about the long term implications of this pre-menopause thing. Like, early bone loss and all that.

Planning: Out my fall schedule. I’ve joined a ton of new activities and I hope I didn’t overbook myself in the effort to keep busy during the winter months with Olivia.

Contemplating: Making a grocery list this week. Not actually making one, just contemplating it.

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That is so cool you brought in so much money! You must have had quite a bit of stuff. Mine is this weekend and I’m not sure what to expect.
I took your advice and got 2 large bags of hangers from Old Navy so thanks for that tip!
I bet you could write a good article with tips and tricks to be successful at a consignment sale. 🙂


I can’t believe you made that much! What kind of stuff did you sell? I’ve been obsessed with the consignment sales lately. But I have only purchased, not sold yet. I used to think I got really good deals on clothes online, but not anymore! I especially love the last day when everything is half off. And OMG toddler girls are so much fun to dress.


What a great profit!! I wish there was something like that around here.


My husband LOVES Chicken in a Biskit, lol. Yay! I am so happy your consignment sale was such a success! See, now you are hooked! You’re welcome 😉

Jane allen
Jane allen

Great job with the conseignment sale!


I’ve had Wool on my reading list for a while. I’ve heard it’s good, but haven’t read it. Will be interested to read your thoughts on it. I agree that it is so hard to work when there is so much fun blogging to do!