Because I’m nosy…

I’m curious about something. I was driving home from the gym tonight (this whole early menopause thing, as well as impending FET has me totally freaking out and running to the gym to lose all the weight and gain all the strength I can) and of course I thought about how I still needed something here for Microblog Monday and it made me think of something.

Bloggers, past and present—I’m curious: Where do/did you blog?

I’ve wrote in coffee shops as well as in the sitting area of my gym while Olivia is in the kid care, but a lot of times those places are reserved for my freelance writing. I’m a terrible procrastinator and it takes me leaving the house and being forced to sit at a table for me to get my work done.

But blogging… I’m usually sitting on the couch down in the basement, the TV on and Chris sitting next to me if it’s evening. I don’t know if it’s because this is my space and I can write how I want, and therefore it’s just a more casual setting, or what, but this is my routine. Prior to Olivia, it was usually up on the couch upstairs, with coffee in the morning, but obviously that doesn’t happen anymore.

Where do you do your blogging?

At a coffee shop? At the kitchen table? On the couch in front of the TV? In bed?

Tell me!

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I think wherever you’re comfortable works! I used to blog at my desk in the living room, which was nice because it was in the middle of things, and sometimes on the couch/coffee table, bit I really love my new office space upstairs. So great for having that room of one’s own. That’s my favorite.


Mine answer is pretty boring. At a desk! We have a room that’s half my “office” and half storage space for clothes etc.


Agreeing with Jess. But I’m also like you in that areas I normally don’t do my writing for work (reserved for the library, coffee shop, office and kitchen table) are where I tend to blog. This previously was the couch, a comfy chair, stairwells and even the odd cafe with internet access, but zero room to settle in.


Pretty much always at work because I am at a desk in front of a computer all day. Every so often I may post something quick from my cell while at home or wherever but that doesn’t happen often. It’s just easier for me to do it at a desk top.


Oooh, good question. It’s usually on my couch with my laptop. Though there’s one memorable post I wrote in a coffee shop several years ago when my kids were in preschool and I’d spend the 3 hours in a nearby coffee shop to save drive time. https://lavenderluz.com/2008/10/the-coffee-shop-2.html

Ugh on the early menopause. I’m sorry you’re facing this.

Traci York

99% of mine is done on my desktop at my desk. Every now and again, I’ll be on the couch with my laptop, but I type better on my regular keyboard. Great question, Risa!


Before kids, I blogged a lot sitting at my desk at work during breaks. After the babies were born, I blogged sitting at our desk because we only had a desktop computer. Now I have a laptop and blog sitting on the couch! No tv or anything though, because I get distracted way to easy!


Pretty much always on my computer/laptop at my desk in the room that is my office/my husband’s library. I’ve often written blog drafts in cafes on my iPad, but I don’t get to the cafes much since I quit going to the gym across the city, and I miss that. Sometimes topics just popped up when I was out of my normal routine, and that was good. I do write a lot of blogs in my head though, before I even get to the laptop/computer. And if I’m travelling, I write on my iPad. I’ve written a blog post about… Read more »


On the couch, usually with the TV on and the laptop on my lap.


On my train ride into/from work. Most often while I am eating lunch while I am at work…


Mostly in a comfy chair in my living room. Sometimes at a coffee shop or coworking space. I’ve gotten some good drafts started in the 20 minutes I have to wait at my allergy clinic every week or two. There’s no wifi, so I just do some focused freewriting. Sometimes I’ll even blog from my phone if I’m in between things, and that’s what I have with me.

I like these little glimpses into everyone’s world. 🙂