“Right Now” August Edition

Reading: I’m back to Outlander book six A Breath Of Snow and Ashes and it’s so good!

Watching: Old Friends episodes on Netflix until Chris and I can decide on a new show to watch together. 

Listening: I’ve been listening to a few podcasts here and there, but haven’t hit on one I really liked to subscribe to. Though I heard there were some good infertility ones, so I may check those out. 

Drinking: Water. But not enough. I was so good drinking my recommended amount, but then I stopped. I’m not drinking nearly enough.

Eating: Too much bad food, you guys. I have a Costco membership and it’s too easy to buy snacks in bulk and then I’m stuck trying to eat it all. But we did make this Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili tonight which was delicious!

Wearing: My white nursing tank top and black legging capris. 

Loving: Going to therapy. We haven’t really even dove into the real anxiety producing stuff, like my vomiting phobia, but I’m planning on bringing it up this week. But I can feel my overall anxiety getting a bit better. 

Anticipating: My very first blogger’s conference in October! I don’t monetize my blog, but hey, I’m a blogger and I’m looking forward to meeting up with some amazing women that I’ve met while rebranding my website. So bonus points for that! 

Hoping: This scratchy throat isn’t actually a cold coming on. We’ve had such cool damp weather lately, so hopefully it’s just the weather change. 

Following: Unfortunately the shit show that is our politics. That is all. 

Wondering: How much money I will make at this consignment sale I’m doing with all these baby clothes and toys. I’m really excited for it, because I can make more money (and have less drama) than trying to sell on the Facebook garage sale groups, but it’s a lot of work and I can only do it at night after Olivia is in bed. Plus Amber from Old Lady And No Baby has been patiently fielding my questions.

Trying: To catch up on this blog. I’ve been so absent on it. See above for excuse.

Worrying: About our garden and if we are going to wind up with a good crop of tomatoes. Between weather and growth stumps and disease, I’m worried we won’t have enough to can this year. We do canned tomatoes, salsa, and I wanted some marinara and tomato juice as well. We’re out of everything.

Planning: Olivia’s second birthday party. Much more low key than her first birthday, but still. I’m thinking a Minnie Mouse theme. And when I say theme, I mean I’m going to buy some Minnie paper plates and napkins and call it good.

Contemplating: What hiking backpack we’re going to get for our hiking trip up north this fall. I was trying to get a used one off of Facebook, but the one I looked at, I was uncomfortable with not having the user manual and the fact that I couldn’t find that particular brand anywhere online. So we’re back to square one and I don’t want to buy one new if I can help it. Any recommendations?

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Lori Shandle-Fox

This was so much fun! Thanks for sharing a bit about your life today…


This was great.
Might I suggest if you can’t sell stuff at the consignment sale, that you donate it to a charity that will bring it to Houston. There are a lot of people who left their homes with just the shirts on their backs.


Ok, I’m a fellow Minnesotan and I’m attempting a consignment sale too. Based on that and the amount of work you are describing, I’m guessing it’s the same one. And my thought right now is “will it all be worth it?” Another question – where do you get a whole bunch of hangers for kid clothes?? It seems silly to buy them. Thoughts?


Ah, what a lovely slice of life! I used to be so good about water drinking, and I fear I am not doing as well as I should. Also, we don’t have a Costco membership, but I feel like I am recovering still from the complete food and wine indulgences of this summer and vacation. I joined a gym when we got back, but strangely it’s not making a huge difference two weeks in. Ha ha ha. (WHY Is that not instantaneous? WHY?) I am glad that therapy is helping with your anxiety. I am a huge believer in the… Read more »

Traci York

Love this idea for a blog post! Can’t wait to hear about the blogging conference, and I hope you feel better soon!


We have an Osprey hiking backpack and it is amazing! Highly recommended!


I was actually just wondering when your consignment sale is! They are definitely a lot of work, but it does get easier every time you do it. I hope it pays off for you! We did an Elmo theme for Ayden and Rylee’s 2nd birthday. And by theme, I mean I bought Elmo birthday candles, paper plates and napkins, lol!