“Right Now” July Edition

Reading:  I’m back to reading the Outlander series! I just started book six, A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Watching: Um, duh. Game of Thrones. Speaking of which, if you’re watching this season, this article on what Euron Greyjoy looks like may be the best thing you read all week.

Listening: To the Frozen soundtrack. On repeat in the car. Which I figured out is actually only 6 songs because the remaining 26 tracks are actually just the instrumental clips. What. A. Rip off. However, it’s guaranteed to prevent the baby from making a peep in the backseat, so I call it worth its weight in gold.

Drinking: Coffee!!!! All the coffee.

Eating: Well, at the time I’m writing this, it’s quarter to noon and my stomach is rumbling, so I’m thinking lunch here soon. I may be extra naughty and cook up the rest of the dill pickle chips sitting in my freezer and have them with Ranch. Oy. Must get to the gym today.

Wearing: Would you look down on me if I’m still in my pajamas? See, I’ve been doing some work this morning and then the baby went down for a nap and I thought I would just continue the work since I’m on a roll. So…ain’t no one got time for getting dressed.

Loving: My new phone! I know, it’s a terribly selfish first world problem to have. But I recently joined Chris on his phone plan where I pay only $28 a month for my plan, getting off T-Mobile that I’ve been on for years. So I have a Google phone now and the camera is incredible. And being that I always have it on me, I can actually take decent pictures.

Anticipating: A post on this blog! I have an interview in the works with someone and I’m so excited to be able to share it in the next week!

Hoping: I can get an article idea together to pitch to a certain website. I’m working on expanding my freelance writing career, but it’s so hard to find the time for pitching other companies when I can barely keep up with my work now. But I probably have unrealistic hopes that this article will be approved.

Following: The language explosion of my daughter. Just today, she said a very intelligible “Hi!” and “Hello!” She nows can say…nine words clearly. She’s almost there saying the word, “ball” but it’s still coming out “buh!”

Wondering: If Olivia is teething again.

Trying: To find the time and motivation to do my homework for therapy.

Worrying: Well I worry a lot. But the latest is needing the stupid Unisom again to fall asleep. Fact: When I was pregnant I was barfy all the time and took Unisom and B6 religiously to tame the nausea. I kept on the Unisom for sleep the rest of the pregnancy, but I’ve only taken it sparingly since because I don’t want to be groggy with a baby in bed with me on those nights I sleep with her in the early mornings. But the last week, I’ve been on it again after some sleepless nights (nothing new for me) and it’s helped. However, one night this week I forgot it and finally after being wide awake past 1:00am, I caved and took it and slept better. Now I’m concerned I depend on it now to fall asleep. Which I realize is not a med that is supposed to make you dependent on, but I worry it’s all in my head.

Planning: Believe it or not, Olivia will be two here in less than 4 months. Which means I get to start thinking about her birthday! Which will be much lower key than her first birthday party but I still want to plan it.

Contemplating: What I’m going to do with Olivia’s milk situation because my freezer stash of milk is pathetically low. I need to start the process of transitioning her to non breast milk, but I haven’t done a lot of thinking on that. I’m not sure if I want to go to cow’s milk or some other form. So if anyone has any thoughts on this, I’m all ears. She is 20 months.

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You are on a roll lady!!! All kinds of updated info! Cows milk didn’t agree with Bowen, he got a rash that went away as soon as I stopped giving it to him. I tried again the other day after 6 months and it didn’t sound like his stomach liked it. We have been using the similac toddler formula and he does well with that. He eats other stuff with dairy so I guess we are good. Here lately it sounds like Bowen is saying “what’s that” to stuff. It’s not clear but he points while saying it so I… Read more »


Mmmmm, dill pickle potato chips… As a teacher in the summer, I would NEVER look down on you for pajama-wearing well into the afternoon or evening. That makes total sense. 🙂 I got a Pixel Google phone in December, and I LOVE it. You are so right about the camera, it is phenomenal. Wow, almost TWO! Amazing. I hope you can get better sleep. Sleep deprivation is a horrible thing, so I am all about help while you need it. Have you tried tart cherry juice? My husband swears by it (and it works for me, too, but I haven’t… Read more »


No judgment – pajamas are the best!!!

This was a neat snapshot into your life. I bet it’s fun for you to look back at these later too!


LOL I like the GOT article. So true. FYI- there is a Frozen soundtrack that does not have any of the instrumental tracks. That was on repeat in my car for many, many months. Now it is Hamilton- WIN! The past two nights I have taken 3 mg of melatonin and have not been groggy when I get up. I even ran this morning after getting up at 4:45am. I feel pretty rested despite only getting 6 hours of sleep last night (according to my Fitbit). We do cow’s milk in our house. Thankfully Wesley easily transitioned to it this… Read more »


Hope you are okay if I steal this format from you! 🙂


With Frozen, I played it off the phone (you can plug the phone into the car radio) so I unchecked the other songs on iTunes. We just listened to the 6 songs on continual play.

Jane allen
Jane allen

We were recommended to use Horizon Organic Milk. My pediatrician grew up on a dairy farm, so I took his word for it. My hippie friend noticed that Kate became congested after drinking it as dairy is a big mucus producer, but Kate was never bothered by it. We just switched to two percent milk after her second birth day.


We like to stay in our pajamas around here if we aren’t going anywhere, so no judgement from me! We use 2% cow’s milk for Ayden and Rylee, but they actually drink very little milk now. We really started limiting it due to Rylee’s constipation issues.