Showing up for Infertility: Interview with Patrice Sadd from American Greetings

Every once in awhile, an occasion presents itself to me on how I can continue to support the infertility community. My tribe. My second family. A community I have belonged to since late 2012 when I put myself out there and in turn, met some of the best friends I’ve ever known.

I have a box up on my shelf filled with trinkets from my journey of infertility and loss. Stacked cards, from friends and family, as well as women around the country, tell a story of hope and heartache, of joy and sadness. I’ve kept every one. Because sometimes, the act of giving a simple card to one another lets us know we aren’t alone.

I was contacted by American Greetings—a major greeting card line— for an opportunity to interview Patrice Sadd, their Director of Communications, to discuss why American Greetings brought the topic of infertility forward for their “Give Meaning” campaign.

The video, part of the Give Meaning campaign, which was been viewed, I don’t know a bajillion times (probably not that many, but close, according to my Facebook newsfeed), has been making its way around social media and when I watched it, I had to agree: Nothing in mainstream media has come close to capturing the emotional toll of infertility.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this interview. Just the honor of spreading this important message to y’all!

Q. There are many causes out there, and many conditions for people to support. How did you decide to showcase infertility support?

We have continued to hear from our customers that calendar occasions and major holidays are not always celebratory for everyone, and we remain authentic to our brand and respectful of our consumer by always focusing on what’s real. We learned from our partner, RESOLVE, that one in eight U.S. couples struggle with infertility, so we knew this topic was highly relevant – but it is also an emotional and often-times isolating topic that is especially deserving of support and acknowledgment.

Q. What was the inspiration behind your “Give Meaning” campaign?

Our “Give Meaning” campaign set out to remind people of the importance of relationships and that cards matter because people matter. It’s a rallying cry that encourages people to show up for each other and offer support in everyday moments, especially during times in our lives when the response isn’t always intuitive.

Q. There was so much talk going around once people discovered the two women in the video actually were experiencing infertility themselves. Do you think their personal experience made the message more meaningful?

The outpouring of gratitude we have received, especially in the comments and reactions on social media, shows how meaningful and impactful the message to show up for one another truly is. It’s been our experience that authenticity is key to understanding and connecting with our consumers. This particular spot was concepted from an associate’s real-life experience with infertility, shot by a married filmmaking team who have experienced infertility, and features a real-life couple currently struggling with infertility to create a truly honest, unique and beautifully human film. We don’t manufacture moments for our advertising; we reflect what we see in real life. Both “Give Meaning” videos, “Not Alone” and “Tattoo,” feature narratives that come from real-life stories and experiences.

Q. Where do you see infertility support belonging in American Greetings going forward, now that you’ve portrayed it in such a powerful manner?

We hope to continue inspiring people to show up for one another as we speak about the real, everyday issues that our consumers are experiencing. Our Company purpose is to make the world a more thoughtful and caring place, and our product is a powerful vehicle for human connection. Cards help people connect and give meaning to the relationships, things and moments in life that matter—even ones that are tough and hard to talk about, like infertility.

Special thanks to Patrice Sadd, Director of Communications at American Greetings, for this interview opportunity.


What did you think of the campaign video (below)? Do you think it accurately portrayed infertility as you experienced it?

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Although my experience with infertility hasn’t been as long and challenging as many others, and I’m now on the other side of it, this ad really stayed with me. I related to it SO much and it brought tears to my eyes. I can never forget how it felt, going through it. Never. I’m so glad that American Greetings chose to shine a light on infertility and to portray it so accurately. I hope it will bring some understanding to those who have never gone through this.


This ad. Wow. Infertility changed everything in my life, especially my relationships. The closest experience I have with compassion shown in this ad from anyone outside this community was receiving flowers after my second miscarriage. And I cannot begin to relay how important acknowledging the pain and loss was.

Every little bit of support matters. The fact that a greeting card company is getting on board is a big step forward with acknowledging that.