Day in the Life: Summer 2017

It’s time for another day in the life post and I’m so proud of myself for actually hitting these posts on every season this year. I’m actually participating for the first time in a Day in the Life Round Up! Which never happens because I never get my posts in on time. Want to participate? Well you can’t for this round, because I’m turning this in at the last second, but you can see the details here. Thanks for hosting this round Liz!

You can read more Day in the Life posts by clicking here. Like last time, please excuse the horrible photo quality of my phone.

Day in the Life: Summer 2017

Wednesday July 12th, 2017

Chris is 34, Risa is 31, Olivia is 19 months, and Toby is 8 years old.

6:30am- Chris has already left for work. I hear Olivia wake up and cry, so I take her to bed to nurse and then decide to just get up because we’re going to a splash pad with our friends at 9:30 this morning and I want to have plenty of time to get ready. After she’s done, we head out to the living room where I turn the TV on and change her diaper. It’s annoying; it’s the only way she will sit still for me for a diaper change now. But it is what it is. I prepare her breakfast, shut the TV back off, and we sit down at the table. She’s having plain yogurt (she won’t eat any of the flavored kind) with strawberries and blackberries. I have a bowl of chocolate mocha Greek yogurt with chia seeds and granola. She gets terribly messy while eating. Toby is looking on with hopeful eyes, because I forgot to banish him down the stairs.

7:30am- I get her cleaned up and set her on the floor. She runs to the living room and points at the remote. Clearly, girl knows her routine. I turn on the TV to distract her while I have time to clean up the kitchen without her clinging to me and screeching. Once the dishes are done, and the counters and table wiped down, I make a pot of coffee. I get a text from my friend saying she was up with her son and the storm last night so she won’t make it to the splash pad. I know I should still take Olivia, but laziness overcomes me. Chris sends me a text about a sale at Best Buy on a Shark vacuum. Our Hoover, one designed for pet hair is not the godsend it was years ago and we’ve been batting around the idea of a new one. The coffee is done, so I go and pour a mug and bring it to the living room.

8:00am- Immediately smell poop as soon as I sit down. Change poop diaper. Olivia wants to nurse because she saw me trying to have a moment with my coffee. Drink coffee precariously while she nurses. Once she gets down, I head downstairs to take measurements of our filing cabinet that was just broken into by an overpriced locksmith a week ago, and the cabinet, that we inherited from Chris’ grandparents has no wire thingies to hold the file folders. Record the numbers in my phone and look up some office supply stores to try to find said metal wire thingies. Olivia wants to nurse again and Curious George comes on I realize I can take advantage of this technological babysitter and get some things done. I catch up on reading some blog posts and make a grocery list.

9:00am- I refill my coffee, get dressed and straightened my hair and then Olivia and I share a banana. Almost immediately after, she wants a mandarin orange so I peel her one and run to the bathroom to put on makeup.

Deeply pondering why the weight of the world is always on her shoulders. Just kidding. She’s watching Peg + Cat.

9:35am- Change her diaper one more time and we head out to run some errands. I stopped first at the office supply store with Olivia loose, holding my hand. We take forever to get to the right aisle the worker pointed us down, and I juggle a long box with a box of file folders while Olivia stops to smell all the pens and back to school supplies. Since I have no hands free to grab her, it’s a lot of coaxing and nudges with my knee to get up to the counter to pay. As I’m paying, Olivia squats down and picks up a tiny piece of lint and hands it to me. We make it back to the car and by the time I get her buckled in, I’m sweating. It’s so humid out. I see a text from Chris saying Happy Anniversary. I text him back feeling a bit guilty that it hadn’t crossed my mind at all that morning.

It’s so freaking hot out, so taking a front seat selfie cools me down.

10:05am- We drive to Walmart because I need to grab some more picture frames. In my pass by the grocery section, I see Farm Rich Crispy Dill Pickles in the frozen section. Impulse buy. We pass the bath section. Impulse buy a new bathroom rug, towels and soap dispenser. Pass the hooded kids towels. Ask Olivia what she wants and she points and screeches to her new addiction love: Frozen.

If I keep this face of innocence, Mama will buy me an Elsa towel.

10:36am- I’ve lugged my 25 plastic bags out to the car. Why do they give you so many fucking bags? I’m sweating again. We drive back home and I put everything away while Olivia plays with her doll stroller. We head out into the backyard to water the garden. Toby races out after us.

He’s obsessed with the hose and tries to keep leaping up to snap at the water. Olivia, blessedly, is keeping her sun hat on.

11:05am- We come back inside and Olivia starts playing.

I brace myself and ask her if she wants to come upstairs for lunch. True to fashion, she throws a tantrum.

I walk upstairs and she follows me, too curious to continue. I make her apple slices and grilled cheese, which she promptly deconstructs.

I decide to eat after she goes down for a nap, so I slice up the over ripe bananas to freeze for my smoothies and set out a package of bacon to thaw for BLTs tonight.

11:52am- Clean her up, give the dishes a quick rinse and stick them in the sink. Change her second poop diaper and run it outside. We go into her room to read and surprisingly, she only fusses a little. I start having an intense craving for dill pickle chips. We read Llama Llama Red Pajama and The Monster at the End of this Book while her glowworm plays. She also loves turning on her lady bug that projects different colored stars on the ceiling. When we’re done, I draw the curtains and turn on her lullaby on her white noise machine. I run to the kitchen and start the oven and then nurse her in the glider. I cruise Facebook.

12:20pm- I lay her down for her nap and turn her white noise on, and she only cries a few minutes before laying down. I stick my food in the oven out in the kitchen and start working on my newest organizational project: file folders in a Thirty One file holder for all the paperwork we accumulate that usually ends up on the table. I’m actually really impressed and debate writing a blog post about it. The dill pickle chips are done in the oven so I grab them, pour some Bolthouse Farms Ranch dressing in a condiment cup and head downstairs. (It’s considered healthy if it’s yogurt Ranch dressing, right?) I turn on Netflix and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy while I work on returning a friend’s gift that I ordered on Amazon.

I’ve also been in this cleaning mode lately, so I work in the office a bit, doing some organizing and shredding papers. I decide the wire metal thingies for the filing cabinet can wait for Chris to do, and lug out a giant load of trash to the recycling bin. I also threw in a load of blankets to wash. When that’s done, I sit down again and write my post about Adam. I’m also trying to decide what to do tonight, because I’m doing a challenge at my gym and they are offering an exclusive class tonight at either 5 or 6:00. I decide to bring Olivia with me for the 5:00 class and Chris can make dinner for when we get home.

2:06- Olivia’s been awake from her nap for about ten minutes. After ordering a soap dish off Amazon (I bought some bar soaps at a craft show this past weekend), I go get the baby from her crib. We nurse a bit in her room and then I leave her with Sesame Street (do you think she watches too much TV? Please don’t judge) while I quick switch out the old bathroom rugs with the new one and bring the old ones downstairs to use in the basement bathroom. I clean up the kitchen and finish up the filing system for the paperwork. Give Olivia some Cheerios. I ran downstairs while she was occupied and grabbed the towels to fold from the dryer and threw in the clean blankets to dry.

3:20pm- Change her diaper, nurse and head downstairs to play for a bit.

4:12pm- I change into my workout clothes and give her a plum and the rest of Cheerios she didn’t eat at the kitchen table. She was NOT having her picture being taken. Probably why there are no more photos from the day.

4:25pm- I give her some veggie straws for the car since she is going to be at the gym’s child care until 6:00 tonight. We listen to Frozen as I head for my 5:00 workout class.

4:37pm- We arrive at the gym and I discover she’s pooped for the third time. Head to the locker room to change her. That was fun. I drop her off with only a few tears and head upstairs to stretch for ten minutes until the class starts.

5:53pm- I’m panting and sweating as we cool down and the trainer is talking to us about nutrition. I quick check my phone and see the child care had paged me ten minutes ago that she was crying and I needed to come back. Fuckity fuck. So I head back downstairs, unable to stretch afterward, to pick up Olivia. Swear off anymore late afternoon classes since she’s overtired and crying. She cries and fusses the whole way home.

6:16pm- We pull into the driveway and Chris, bless his heart, comes out to car to get her while I go inside to stretch. We ate BLTs with chips and baked beans and Olivia threw her milk on the floor twice. It is one of her bad nights and Chris is very good at putting up with her. She did eat some of our salad and some of the baked beans. Her tomatoes and cottage cheese were scarfed down.

7:06pm- I go take a shower, and when I come out I can’t find my brush because Olivia hid it somewhere. So while I’m searching, I hear Olivia crying and Chris telling me she’s pooped for the fourth time today. He takes one for the team and I change into pajamas. He takes her into her room after brushing her teeth and reads to her. When he’s done, I go in and we say nighttime prayers, he kisses her and I settle in to nurse. I text some friends back and answer some emails.

7:50pm- She is asleep, so I lay her down and turn on her white noise. I make a protein shake (which I should have done right away because my muscles were sore the next day) and head downstairs. Tonight is Chris’ night to play video games, but he said in lieu of our anniversary, he was spending time with me. I may have joked around sarcastically, but I was happy to be with him. We start watching a new show, Salvation, which actually turns out to be really good.

9:30pm- Break out a bottle of wine and talk about our day. Toast to nine years.

9:51pm- Chris opens his book I got him, through a website called LoveBooks, and he loved it. I actually had a lot of fun making it. It’s a book with each page personalized with all the things I love about him that I won in a giveaway, but of course this is real life and my stick figure depictions made him laugh.

10:25pm- We head up to bed. Olivia has stayed asleep, thankfully. We brush our teeth and get in bed. I read for a few minutes and check on Olivia one more time in the monitor.

11:00pm- Lights out. Olivia slept the whole night.

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1. You accomplish a lot in a day. I’m impressed! 2. My daughter has the same cute dress 3. Girl, don’t ask silly questions. 😉 Everybody has opinions about everything but you are Olivia’s mom. Does she watch too much tv? Up to you. (I’m hoping this comes across in the mostly joking manner I’m going for – I read that part and worried for the negative or judge comments the Internet sometimes breeds.)


Girl it sometimes takes the TV to get anything at all done!! And sometimes that doesn’t even work and next thing I know Bowen is all up in the dishwasher..oh my!! These kiddos are busy little people.


I’m sure that if I was a SAHM my kids would watch far more tv than they do now. I’m not sure how you would get anything done otherwise?!?

We love Bolthouse Farm dressings as well. 🙂

Jane allen
Jane allen

Happy Anniversary! SO jealous your gym has baby sitting!


[…] 9. Risa Kerslake Writes | Minnesota […]


Impressed with all you got done this day! My husband also plays video games and I’m pretty sure he’d like that shirt your husband is wearing. I might have to try and find that for Father’s Day