“Right Now” March edition

Reading: I’m continuing to make my way through the Outlander series, with book four, Drums of Autumn.

Watching: We’re watching Parenthood, finally, on Netflix. Now I can see why everyone compared this series to This Is Us. Season 1 has been so good!

Listening: to Olivia scream. Her four molars are all breaking through slowly and it’s been a rough few days. It started really bad late last week, and this weekend was hard with all the constant fussiness and hollering.

Drinking: Tea. Good Earth Vanilla Chai to be exact, because we have maybe 12 boxes of teas and don’t drink them fast enough. Plus, we had Story Time at the library this morning so I didn’t get to have my morning coffee.

Eating: leftover tacos from last night. I had to eat them while Olivia naps so she doesn’t get jealous and scream at me to share. Mama don’t share no tacos.

Wearing: Sigh. The usual Lularoe pants and a sweatshirt. The joys of working at home. I am wearing makeup though, so I get partial credit.

Loving: my friend who just brought us over a ton of hand-me-downs for Olivia this weekend: 2T clothes, jackets, and more sized 4, 5, and 6 shoes than I know what to do with. I’m so grateful for the clothes some of my friends have given us.

Anticipating: making more things in our Instant Pot this month. We’ve done hard boiled eggs, chicken (to shred for quesadillas), a chicken lentil soup, rice, potatoes, and Honey Bourbon pulled chicken. I made it a goal this year to use it (and not be scared of it) and I am!

Hoping: this gorgeous weather here continues this week. Olivia has been loving going for walks and playing at the playground. Actually the slide is pretty much her favorite thing ever.

Following: this story, about a 15 year old girl who was abducted by her teacher March 13th and hasn’t been returned.

Wondering: if my old guitar and old futon will sell on Craigslist. I’ve decided to start selling off a bunch of stuff a few months ago to downsize and all the money is going in our “Oh shit we need fertility treatments to give Olivia a sibling”-fund.

Trying: to work out again. Kind of. Weight lifting at least. I know I need to lose weight for when we attempt another transfer coming up.

Worrying: about everything I have to do this month. But what else is new? Too many writing deadlines and not enough time in the day with a needy, but adorable, toddler.

Planning: when we are going to visit Chris’s family this spring. Also wondering how traveling with an 18 month old will go: a five+ hour car ride, non-baby proofed homes, and sleeping in a pack n play. It should be a good time.

Contemplating: I’ve been sitting here for the last half hour, watching Gilmore Girls and contemplating what I’ve been contemplating about lately. So there is that. I have nothing.

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Jane allen
Jane allen

OMG! I’m watching Gilmore Girls on Netfix, season 5 Rory’s dating Dean after his marriage split.


I loved Parenthood! Ugh, molars. What do you mean, aren’t LulaRoe “pants” considered real clothes??? lol. I’m not sure I want to read the story about the girl being abducted by her teacher, but I will. Because I can’t help it. And good luck with everything you have coming up!


Ooooh what recipe did you use for honey bourbon chicken? I am also trying to use my IP as much as possible. Want to do a successful recipe swap? Ha! And yes…I remember when Millie first reached her mobile stage and we would visit places and it would suddenly occur to me how extremely NON-TODDLER-PROOF most of the world is. Like, how are you people even surviving in this death trap of a household?!?! hahaha.


ok so what is an Instant Pot? Is that not the same as a crock pot? It sounds like something I might need. I can’t even fathom a 5 hour drive with Bowen, I need to know how this goes when it happens.


Mama don’t share no tacos HAHAHAHAHA I love it! Parenthood is SO GOOD!!!