“Right Now” February edition

Reading:  Voyager, book 3 of the Outlander series. So far, it’s been fantastic. I love the first book, thought the second book was boring in most parts, but this one has been great so far!

Watching: The Oscars.

Listening: Well, I was listening to Chris play Final Fantasy whatever-number-he’s-on while I write this, but luckily he shut it off.

Drinking: Water. Because I need to drink more of it. At least it’s ice water in my super cute pink Yeti.

Eating: Lime flavored tortilla chips and Aldi guacamole. I’m obsessed. And there may be an open box of Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies beside us…

Wearing: Surprisingly, actual clothes still. Black leggings, and a long-sleeved brown and white striped shirt. It may or may not be a maternity shirt. Don’t judge. It helps me eat more chips and guac.

Loving: My husband. I couldn’t have survived mentally this awful last week without him. (I’m eluding a lot in this post about Olivia’s GI virus this past week.) Today, he disinfected the bathrooms; swept, mopped, vacuumed the floors, and yesterday prepped our 40 pound box of chicken we got ($1.19/lb—holla!) Plus, he was my partner in crime as we did battle with the virus wreaking havoc on our poor daughter. I’m so thankful for him.

Anticipating: My family over for lunch next weekend as we celebrate my mom’s birthday. I’m making this incredible white chicken chili. We had to reschedule it from this weekend, so it will be nice to get back to our normal. And gives me a good excuse to get the rest of the house clean.

Hoping: that I can get back on a regular sleep schedule. It’s been horrible this week. Like 1-2 hours a night due to insomnia and anxiety over Olivia’s sickness.

Following: the continued shit show that is our new White House administration.

Wondering: Why my Facebook friends continue to want to share articles of horrendous animal abuse. Or child abuse. Why? Why???

Trying: not to panic about my article I sent my editor. She asked me to write a reaction piece and I agreed Monday to get it in last Monday night. And then Olivia got sick. And she graciously gave me extension after extension, but then I turned it in Thursday night and never heard back. These are the things I freak out about. But I’m also sleep deprived, so.. it makes the freak outs worse.

Worrying: about Olivia. Post to come soon about last week which was hellacious to say the least with her GI virus and dehydration issues.

Planning: out my week for writing. I’ve been so overwhelmed this month, being behind on writing and feeling burned out, so I need to pace myself this week.

Contemplating: Olivia’s second birthday. I’m not trying to get ahead of myself. But Chris and I have been talking about celebrating all of our birthdays (his is in September, mine is in October, and Olivia’s is in November) up along the North Shore. We would stay in our usual lodge on Lake Superior, but instead of a cabin (which wouldn’t work with her early bedtime since we’d all be in a tiny one-room) we’d stay in the actual lodge like we had done one year since it has a second bedroom down the hallway. We’d probably go in October which is peak time, so we need to book this soon!

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I’m watching the shitshow too.
I agree Voyager was better than Dragonfly in Amber.
What did you think about the end of the Oscars?


Awww. Sounds like your little one is doing better, and I’m glad to hear it! Hope you can get some rest.


Girl it seems like Bowen has had it all and so that means I have too!! Oh my word I really need him to sleep normally again so I can sleep! Hope things are getting better for Olivia.


I’ve been thinking about doing another one of these Right Now posts too! I’m so sorry Olivia has been so sick. Having sick littles is the worst.