Olivia the Explorer

Technically, this post is coming a week late. I was swamped with work projects last weekend (or maybe I was just too lazy) and didn’t get in a Microblog Monday post.

We took Olivia to a nearby nature center for the first time last weekend because we had heard how nice it was and how they had a play area for kids. She had a blast. I think she thoroughly explored every nook of that 14,000 square foot building. Not a single laminated education pamphlet was left unchewed. Not one furry animal skin was left unpetted.

Luckily, there weren’t many kids there, so she had free roam of the place, save for the three sleeping senior citizens in the three rockers by the window. But she didn’t seem to mind them and vice versa.

Her mind was blown. Her mind is usually blown when we go to new places, so this is nothing new. But now that she’s walking eve-er-y-where, it brings a whole new level of blownness. She was particularly interested in the red squirrels outside the window and the variety of puzzles on the tables.

Chris showed her all the little critters in the aquariums, but I don’t think she quite cared. Because walking, y’all.

They even had little dress up costumes, much to our entertainment. By “our” I mean Chris and me. Olivia acted like it was no biggie.

You have to see her dressed as a little bumblebee. I can’t even with this.

In fact, I don’t even know why I have text in some of these posts. I mean, when you have a face like this, who needs words to go along with it? Also, pinecones are crazy interesting.

Sure, they may be blurry, but this girl doesn’t sit still. Ever. I just wanted one freaking picture with her, since the amount of photos I have with her is kind of sad compared to the amount of pictures we have total, but nope. Girl ain’t got no time to stop for a photo op.

We spent about 45 minutes there before attempting the snow-covered trails. With the jogging stroller, it was definitely easier to push her, but it was chilly out, she kept biting her gloves off, and I almost fell off two different embankments due to ice, so… our nature walk was cut a bit short.

Still, these times where we create our own adventures—our family—those are the best use of weekends.

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Looks like lots of fun!! She is getting so big!


Isn’t it great the comic relief these little ones give us?!? That bumble bee costume is hilarious!!!


Haha! This is great! Glad she got to explore the nature center with all of her senses!


So cute — and it looks like such a great space.


Isn’t it so much fun to watch them take everything in? She is such a busy little bee! I can’t believe how good of a walker she is already! That girl cruises!

Traci York

I love how fascinated she is with everything! I miss this age – I know it sounds cliche, but they grow up so fast!

Jane allen
Jane allen

We have a nature centre near us, you’re inspiring me to check it out