#MM: We go sledding on Sundays

If my favorite fall activity with Olivia is hiking on Saturdays, then my favorite thing to do in winter is sledding on Sundays.

It finally hit (almost) 30 degrees here yesterday after temps hovered near 0 for the last week and a half. So we all bundled up (except for me because my hips are now too wide for my old snow pants sonofawhore), which took some time considering we had to buy Olivia snow boots two sizes up and had to make sure her feet were all the way in.

Through it all, she remained characteristically stone-faced, but got a little more curious as she waited for us to dress.

As soon as Olivia got on her sled and Chris took off with her, she was ALL giggles. Like I almost peed my thermal pants laughing with her.

I don’t know if she was laughing because Toby was racing alongside her, or if it was the sheer joy of cruising around in the snow, but she thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Naturally I took 115 photos of this 25 minute outing.

I mean, Dem Cheeks. They look SO much more fluffy out in the snow.

Anyway, I learned that pulling a sled around is a lot harder when you’re 31 verses 20. And that 13 month old babies don’t like wearing mittens.

Could I be a) posing for a picture with my baby or b) pretending to pose because my hip flexors were killing me and I needed a break?

Toby, when he wasn’t making it his life’s goal to join her in the sled, happily raced around with his frisbee.

I know what he’s thinking: You jerks never take me out to play in the snow anymore.


I don’t think she quite knew what to do when we took her out of the sled and stuck her in the snow. She was definitely most happy in her sled with her Toby dog chasing her around.

Why, oh why did this picture not turn out? That’s ok, I’m still putting it on here, because I CAN’T EVEN with that smile.

We’ll have to get a bigger sled to take her down some actual hills with us, because regardless what our 2005 selves would like to believe, we simply cannot squeeze ourselves in this sled with her.

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Love all the pics. Such joy! All of our snow melted so we haven’t been able to sled as much but it is so much fun with little people. And pups of course.


How completely adorable — the rosy-cheeked giggly baby, the face of reproach from your dog…love it. I wish we had some snow, it’s largely missed us in the last few weeks and it just looks like November or March around here, all browns and smooshed leaves. Give me snow!

Amanda Beranek Thooft
Amanda Beranek Thooft

Those cheeks. I would eat them all day. <3


Oh that sweet face, I love it!!! That last picture is the best! I don’t think we are going to have winter here in southeast Texas, it’s like 70 something today…ugh!


The last photo – squee! A girl and her dog, there’s nothing better (especially with that toothy grin of hers!).


Oh. My. Cow. Those Monkey checkers melt me!! Makes me miss her (and maybe you ha) SO BAD!!! It’s 74 here today! Come play in the rain with us! Lots of puddles to be had!


Sledding, so much more fun being pulled around lol


We recently took the Beats sledding for the first time. Two words were uttered between the giggles: “speed!” and “more!”

And Toby now has even more of a case to get outside more. Beware of the pending gang-up!


The first picture together with the dog is just perfect.


OH MY GOSH…that picture of her looking at Toby *swoon*…she loves her doggie! Looks like a lot of fun!

Traci York

That smile! I can almost hear her giggling in the pictures! Too cool (literally). 😀


115 pics in 25 mins NOT NEARLY ENOUGH lol 🙂 🙂


OMG that smile!!! Cute pictures!

Can you send some snow to Chicago because my daughter is going insane without it.


This looks like so much fun!!! When you posted the temps, I was thinking “how do people deal with that cold?!” The sled pics were my answer. 🙂