#Microblog Mondays: Today I eat my own words

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Last year on Halloween, I was 34 weeks pregnant and was already being asked if I was going to dress my daughter up for Halloween next year.

“I don’t know. She would only be eleven months and really isn’t going to know what’s going on. It’s kind of a waste of money, really.”

Ah. Pregnant Risa knew nothing.

Last month I acquired a costume for her, a cow, off a garage sale site on Facebook for $8.00. She wore it today at ECFE and she’ll wear it tonight when we go to my parents to have pizza and pass out candy. Our circle we live in doesn’t see a lot of trick or treaters since almost all the houses around us keep their lights off.

I’m so excited, you guys. Last year I knew nothing about the ah-dorable-ness of a baby in a costume.  

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Pictures, pictures! (I'll send you mine too)


Working on it! (Actually I'm not, but I will be!) And yes, I want pictures!!! 🙂

Lori Holden

So much of my own parenting journey has been different in actuality than it was in my head. This is such a cute example of that 🙂 I'm glad you have a wonderful first Halloween. (Oh, and eating your words results in way fewer calories than eating Halloween candy, so double win!)

Modern Gypsy

Little babies look absolutely adorable dressed up for Haloween!! A cow costume sounds adorable!!


Ha ha!!! That's awesome!


They do! Gah.