I really need to pull myself together

So I joined Twitter!

(This is not something to be celebrated.)

Why am I joining all these social media platforms when they make me want to roll my eyes? Well, I know with this whole blog move (which I swear is going to be the bane of my existence) I am going to lose readers. I am going to lose my Google rankings. It’s going to take a long time to build up an audience again. And yes, I like audiences. What, do you think I write this blog just for me? Pul-eese. I’m hoping all this social media-ness can help you guys stick with me.

So. if you are Twitterers, come and follow me! Don’t mind that I have yet to post my first tweet.

And Instagram! Come follow me there too! At least I mostly understand that. You take pictures (um, hello, have you met me?) and put all these awesome filters on (goodbye obvious dark circles under eyes!)

(And someone please explain Twitter to me.)

No really. I can do this. I like hash tags. Well, the funny ones at least. The rest, I’m genuinely confused about. I mean, when you hashtag a picture of your bowl of cereal with #yum #cereal #mornings #gogetem #milk #lovethis….

I just get confused.

So all the more reason to join this site, right?

(Seriously, someone please explain Twitter to me.)

In other less attention-seeking news, Olivia is having a fabulous time growing up.

Seriously, the girl is just developing at an alarming rate. She’s doing so well at eating solid food. I’m trying now to give her small pieces of food because I’m noticing with the big hunks, she just tries to shove the whole thing in her mouth. Like big giant slices of cucumber? She looks like this:

I do need to be better at letting her practice with sippy cups though. She’s nine months and I feel I’m generally failing as a parent because she only gets them 1-2 times a week if that.

I think it’s that she’s not a fan of the sippy cup. For drinking. She is, however, a fan of throwing the sippy cup on the floor and then looking down to see where it went, then yelling until I pick it up so that she can throw it on the floor and then look down to see where it went then yell until I pick it up this is the song that doesn’t end it just goes on and on my frieeeeeeeeeends.

I was actually planning on writing something completely different than where this post headed. I’m tired. And have a million things on my mind.

I’m not sure why I find it so hard keeping up with my life lately. If I’m being honest, I’ve been busier. But here I am, using one hand to nurse Olivia and emailing myself with another and then forgetting to brush my teeth. I’m going try to keep track of my blog ideas and various other projects in this notebook with tabs. So maybe I will stop emailing myself random ridiculousness.

(I say “various other projects” like it’s important. Let me be clear: it is not important. At all. It is Pinterest, mostly. And brushing my teeth.) 

(But hey if you have a great idea of something I can blog about then by all means, email me.)

(Until then, I will write things down, like, “why does my right armpit smell more than my left?” and “sometimes I think my big toe resembles a penis.”)

(I bet everyone thinks that Chris’s penis looks like a toe now. LOL FOREVER.)

(It doesn’t though.)

(Apparently I’m better at parentheses than I am at hashtags.)

(It is really hard to stop with the parentheses once I start.)

(The end.)


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I tried the sippy cup probably around 8 months and he took it easily then I kind of forgot about it and tried it again a week ago and he wasn't crazy about it until he realized there was some formula in there and after a few times of sticking it back in his mouth he was ok with it again. Obviously I'll need to work on it more.


I swear we are sisters from another mister… you write the way I think and perhaps even vice versa! I don't do Twitter (can one "do" Twitter?!), but I follow you on Instagram and of course, I'm all over Facebook (as in, I know how to use it and I do so actively)… my comment just shows I like parentheses as much as you do 🙂


See and luckily she will take milk in there when she needs to when I'm away from her, but I really need to be giving her some water to play with everyday. It's a work in progress. 🙂


Ha ha ha! I know, Twitter is definitely a learning curve. Oy.