He’s only 4 years older than me for another month

You know what song is in my head right now (besides that obnoxious but brilliant Daniel Tiger song, “If you have to go potty, STOP and go right awaaay!”)?

That song from Schoolhouse Rock. “Lolly, lolly, lolly get your adverbs here!” Why????? Maybe this will come to Netflix?

(But really, where was that Daniel Tiger song when I was a floor nurse at the hospital and didn’t pee all shift? Clearly if I knew this song, it would have reminded me.)

We celebrated Chris’s 34th birthday this weekend.

What’s a Hawkeye? I don’t know, but I am apparently a fan of it.

Saturday night we went out on a real live date with my best friend Mel and her husband (we stayed out past 10:00 and everything) to downtown Minneapolis and ate at this incredible restaurant called–ready?– Seven Steakhouse Sushi Ultralounge Skybar. I guess they were just covering their bases because each floor is one of these things. We sat in the steakhouse area before making our way up to see the ultralounge and finally to hang out in the skybar, which was really the rooftop.

We ate here for Mel’s bachelorette party last September only back then I was 27 weeks pregnant and couldn’t fit into my non-maternity dress appropriately and had to watch everyone around me drink while I sipped my water and pretended it was a gin and tonic. This time, I got a plastic cup of wine that cost $10 at the bar and my clothes actually fit, more or less. And when my $10 cup of wine got jostled by a dude trying to keep up with a girl ahead of him and spilled over my hand… I felt like I was 21 again. Minus the fact that I was pissed because I spent a fortune on this wine and in reality I am a 30 year old woman who hasn’t been to a bar drinking with more than twenty five people since my own bachelorette party back in 2008.

Olivia did so good with Grandma and Grandpa watching her. She isn’t necessarily a fan of drinking from a sippy before bed instead of laying on Mama to nurse, but she was a trooper and stayed asleep, actually until 6:30 the next morning.

This was actually taken Sunday afternoon before her nap, but once I start with the pictures, I can’t stop.

Sunday we cleaned and cooked all day and I made this amazing baked potato soup for my family and we had salad and french bread and cake. Olivia wore her party dress and basically made it all about her, as she is prone to doing. But seriously. With a face like this, how could it not?

Chris opened his presents. Olivia got him The Jungle Book, because she just knew Mama wanted to see it. Smart girl, she is.

Her Auntie Natalie read to her for a few minutes while everyone talked afterwards.

So this must be why Mama calls me Monkey…

And then she got some pictures with Grandma and Grandpa. Really, the whole day was about her.

Out of the way, Grandma! I just noticed Grandpa was above me.

And then Chris held her on his lap while he blew out candles.

And can I admit something without risk of sounding like a broken record? She’s really growing up, you guys. Like, this could be her own party in less than three months. It will soon be for her that everyone is singing to and she will have that same look on her face, only she will be one and I will be sobbing.

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Flush and wash and be on your way!

…thanks. Thanks a lot.


Lol!!!!!! I had to read your comment a few times and finally understood. Ha ha ha!!!! You're welcome.


We are going out of town 3 nights and leaving Bowen overnight for the first time…I can't even think about it right now because of course I feel like they won't know how to take care of him but at the same time I haven't had a full nights sleep since he was born so there is that perk. So glad you were able to have a fun night out!! Happy birthday to Chris! That picture of her sleeping on him is just precious!! I have at least set a date for his 1st birthday party and am going to… Read more »


Good luck Mama! Sounds wonderful, getting a full night's sleep! I don't want to say you are brave, or I could never do that, because I'm sure our parents did this and really, it's good for everyone involved. I hope you enjoy your time and I can't wait to do this myself! 🙂
Love the theme! It's a ton of planning for sure. She isn't getting a party this involved for years to come. 🙂


Um, yeah. The potty song by Daniel. Wait till Olivia starts singing it back to you while you're potty training. I currently have it in stereo (though both Beats are out of diapers now, so I'll take it).

And Olivia has gotten a tutorial about blowing out candles!! Good job dad! (serious about that one)


Ha ha! Oh the joys to look forward to once they start talking… And yes. She better not disappoint in November.


OMG how cute is Olivia!!! 🙂 And Happy Birthday Chris!!!


So much fun! It's great to see the little ones interacting with grandparents and family. When I think about how long it took and everything we went to, there's both an extra sting and an extra sweetness. Glad you had a good time with your hubby. It's so important to have those evenings together.