6 months: In the blink of an eye

Do I sound like a broken record every month? How I can’t believe another month has passed?

Well I can’t believe another month has passed. Not only that, but half a year since she’s been born. How? How did that go by so fast?

I mean, I anticipated it would, because everyone says how fast it goes. But… I guess I am not ready for it. Six months ago I was in the hospital, dangerously high blood pressures, but I had this little seven pound baby girl on my chest. And she mewled like a kitten and nursed constantly and now… now I have a six month old.

Can I admit something? I’ve been struggling. I’ve been struggling in the sense that I have a six month old and the days are going by way too fast and it scares me. It makes me panic. The months are flying by and I’m panicking because my baby is growing too fast and it makes my heart tighten because I don’t know if this is ever going to happen again. I don’t know if we will get to have another baby and I try, I try so hard to take in the moments, knowing they will be gone forever. I guess even if we have another baby, it wouldn’t be like the first time. My moments with my Olive are fleeting and I want them to slow down.

I made a promise to her the day she was born that every day, every single day, I will look into her eyes and thank God she came to me. Every day I will breathe in her baby scent and sweep my hands across her skin, tickling her tiny toes and feeling her fingers in mine. Every day I would be thankful for the miracle she is. I will relish her.

And oh how I relish her, you guys. Kinda like I relish our Papa John’s pizza order (Medium pepperoni and pineapple, medium green pepper and mushroom, garlic bread sticks with extra garlic sauces. Because leftovers. And garlic.) Because the time, tis flying by and I am going to blink and she will be a year old. And I have to stop with this because the tears are falling and she’s sleeping and I can’t go in there and wake her by squishing her little body against me. Never wake a sleeping baby.

Nicknames: Still Monkey. Monks. We’re consciously working on calling her by her real name.

Weight: 17lbs 9 oz (76th %tile)

Length: 25.5in (34th %tile)

Head Circumference: 45.5cm (99th %tile) (She has a big head like her daddy.)

Diaper size: 3

Clothing size: 3-6 month and starting 6 months.

Stopping for another picture, AGAIN?

Eating: Still breastfeeding every 3-4 hours during the day and 2-3 times at night. I started giving her a sippy cup of 1-2 oz of breast milk daily and she LOOOVES it. Hates bottles, but the sippy cups? Totally her new jam. Don’t think about taking it away until she’s finished.

I wish ill on anyone who takes away my sippies.

We haven’t started solids, but at her six month check, her pedi encouraged us to try some purees with her since she was good and ready. And she is. I can tell she is but with the baby led weaning she has to be able to sit up by herself and she isn’t quite there yet. But I’m thinking of trying some smashed up avocado for dinner tomorrow while we have tacos and let her play with it.

Sleeping: Two days after she turned 5 months, she put herself to sleep in the rock n play when I put her down to sleep. She’s slowly (slowly) learning how to self-soothe. Still is waking in the evening 1-2 times, but at 5.5 months, she had an 8 night stretch of staying asleep until after we went to bed and some nights she put herself to sleep. However, since then, it’s been a hit or a miss. She wakes initially between 12am and 2am and then again around 4:30, though again, sometimes she will go until 3 or 4 in the morning. Her morning naps are great. She’ll easily sleep 2-3 hours as long as she’s in her swing. Of course now it’s way more fun to swing sideways.

Afternoon naps are…. not so great. If she’s in her swing she can go an hour and a half, but I’ve been trying to transition her by putting her in the crib for PM naps. Ask me how that’s going and I’ll show you how full my wine glass is.

Sunglasses. Just because.

Milestones: Drank from a sippy cup. Rolling over like a boss. Can sit supported or can go several seconds on her own. Gets pissed if a toy is taken away from her.

Speech: Says “Mmmmm” and one time said “mama” when she was crying. Babbles and says things like, “Mphooga!” or “Garga!”

Health: Nothing to report. I didn’t even have to give Tylenol at night after her vaccines.

Likes: Still grabbing her feet and sucking on her toes. Rolling over.

School. Looking at other babies. Swinging!

Jumping in her Johnny Jumper.

Traveling across the living room by scooting and rolling.

 Putting anything in her mouth to suck on. And of course…. Daddy. She’s all about him now.

Dislikes: Sitting in the high chair with us at dinner. Maybe this will change after she starts eating. Going on a second walk in a day. Makes for a stressful evening walk when Chris gets home.

Undecided about: Sleeping in her crib for naps.

Looking forward to: Taking her swimming this summer! Dressing her in her summery dresses and rompers.

There is nothing cuter than a baby in a romper.

 22 weeks

 23 weeks
24 weeks
25 weeks
26 weeks

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You're right! I know it only gets better. But… I miss my widdle babyee!!


Happy 6 months! Sounds like our sleep schedules are the same so that's comforting. Bowen is almost to the point of out growing the swing and we are so gonna have a problem when that happens..yikes! Miss Olivia is just beautiful!! How is it that we spend most of the time with them but Daddy is the #1 in their book?? lol