Day in the Life: Winter 2016

Starring… ME!

And Olivia.

Gah! Let me eat your cheeks! Nom nom nom

Yes. Yes I am.I know what you’re thinking. Gasp! A non-monthly post? A non-pregnancy week-by-week post? Is she finally stepping out of the box back into the world where a post doesn’t include a number???

I decided to do one of these “day in the life posts” because I figured you were all “OMG I wonder what Risa’s everyday life is like now that she has a baybee??”

I decided to do one of these posts to show you what Olive and I do all day besides dress her up and take 4,358 pictures of her, because come on, she’s like, super adorbs.

Day in the Life: Winter 2016

Monday February 8, 2016

Chris is 33, Risa is 30, Olivia is 12 weeks, and Toby is 7 years old

2:50am- We start early here, folks. I wake up because I hear Olivia stir in her rock n play next to my side of the bed. She makes tiny baby noises and I wait to see if she will go back to bed. In all fairness, she did just sleep for 6 hours straight so her mom is a total asshole for waiting to pick her up.

2:54am- Nurse, sitting up in bed, half asleep. She falls back asleep soon after and I set her back in the rock and play.

6:15am- She stirs, and I am too lazy to sit up again so I bring her to bed with me and nurse her laying down. We both fall back asleep.

6:38am- Olivia discovers my boobs are right in her face upon waking and grunts and roots until I give in and hand one over.

8:41am- We awaken for the day.

Not… too sure about this whole hanging out in bed thing. Not too sure about anything, really.

Chris texts me from work that the water heater went out again and that he is coming home this afternoon for the guy to come out (yet again). We have had so many problems with this. I also notice Target sent a text about 10% off baby carriers on Cartwheel. I have been wanting to get the Ergo 360.

9:04am- Call Target to put their last Ergo on hold for me, nurse Olivia, change her diaper and dress her for the day. Then I head to the bathroom to take an obligatory “I just woke up” picture.

I just woke up. Also, who needs to wear the tank top straps on your shoulders when you have an enthusiastic boob baby?

9:34am- Come out to the living room and put Olivia in her swing while I pump and watch the news.

9:55am- Put my 8oz of milk in the fridge.

Olivia has fallen asleep, so I rinse the pump parts and eat breakfast. Today is cereal, a Greek yogurt and OJ.

No coffee because I want to get to Target this morning.

10:17am- Olivia is still sleeping so I get ready for the day, noticing the hot water seems to be working again. I make a Target list and make sure her diaper bag is packed.

10:33am- Olivia wakes up, so I start the car (It’s like, 8 degrees) and get her into her car seat.

10:42am- Snap her into the car, and we are off to Target. I buy the Ergo, and then grab a few more Cartwheel-ey things: more Greek yogurts, a pack of outlet covers and Lansinoh milk bags.

Waiting patiently for the milk machine to finish printing off her baby shower registry.

With Cartwheel, some giftcards, my Target red card, and my 15% registry completion coupon, the entire bill comes to $49.34.

$160 baby carrier, only paying about $35 for it? Thank you, Target! (Olive is less than enthused about this whole outing, deciding to wail while I pay for the stuff.)

I so don’t care that you saved a ton of money on my baby carrier. Get me out of this thing. I want your boob.

11:14am- We return home (I live really close to Target) and I change her diaper. She pooped on her onesie, so that outfit gets put in the laundry hamper. I stick her in her crib while I prep her little bottle of breast milk and her powdered probiotic.

Chris didn’t put the bag of shrimp into the fridge to thaw last night, so I run out to the deep freezer to set it out on the counter. I retrieve a very indignant baby, give her the bottle (she took down most of it! Yay!), and then nurse her.

Ok, but when do I get your boob?

While she nurses I go cross-eyed clipping her tiny little flailing nails.

12:10pm- Set her in her swing and prepare lunch. Today it’s leftover Papa John’s pizza. Don’t judge.

12:15pm- Olivia fell asleep so I eat, wash the bottle and pump parts and pour the milk from the morning into a bag to freeze.

12:46pm- Chris gets home and kisses Olivia, who woke up. He discovers the water is hot again (which I already explained earlier to him) which leads to a bickering between the two of us out of frustration that the appointment has to be cancelled since the worker wouldn’t be able to find anything wrong with the water heater.

1:03pm- Put Olivia down on the activity may for some tummy time. She is screaming after 7 minutes despite the totally awesome animals trying to keep her company and a mom who is singing (badly) to distract her.

On my back is ok, Mom. Just not on my tummy.

1:14pm- Give up and bring her to the couch to nurse. Take selfie afterward. Later, notice Olivia has her fist buried between my boobs. Decide to post the photo anyway.

My boobs.

2:00pm- Change her diaper and get her ready for our chiropractor appointments.  Start the car again and put her in her car seat.

2:10pm- And we’re off! Luckily, she doesn’t cry in the car.

2:26pm- Arrive at the building, Olivia is greeted by her fans, the women at the front desk. We get our adjustments. The chiropractor says her torticollis is looking a lot better. He adjusts my knee and spine and both of our xiphoid bones for our matching reflux.

3:20pm- We get back home. She’s asleep in her car seat.

Her ever-trusty friend always within arm’s reach.

Chris is working downstairs until 4:00 so I take the baby to bed to nurse and read to her. Currently, we are reading a trashy romance on my Nook app. Daddy comes up a little after 4:00 and greets us. He lays her on his chest and kisses her. She spits up on his pullover.

4:30pm- I take a shower.

4:45pm- We head out to the kitchen to start dinner and I realize after reading the recipe that I was supposed to marinate the shrimp. Oh well. Chris helps me get the marinade together and I stick the bag in the fridge for a half hour, the bare minimum the recipe calls for.

5:10pm- We all go back to bed to take a group nap. Olivia thinks this is pretty great.

6:00pm- Dinner is ready. Spicy Parmesan Shrimp Skillet. It’s fantastic, but I end up eating a plate of it over Olivia’s head on the couch because she is all screamy and unhappy unless I am nursing her. She slept for a little bit on me. When she wakes up, I change her diaper while Chris cleans the kitchen.

6:52pm- Chris is about to head downstairs to play his video game that we agreed he could play every other Wednesday night. I have doubts about tonight judging from Olivia’s fussiness, but we play it out.

7:00pm- I take Olivia to her room to change her and she is smiling and cooing on the changing pad. I take this as a good sign and sing to her.

7:09pm- We head back out to the living room and she screams bloody murder as soon as I sit with her on the couch.

7:10pm- Text Chris while Olive screams in my ear: This isn’t going to work. You need to come back upstairs. He comes back upstairs and takes her and walks her around the house.

7:20pm- We all head downstairs and while he holds her, I catch up on my notes for this blog. I realize I haven’t taken anymore pictures, but am too exhausted and weary to try any with FussyPants. She is soon asleep on his chest. Apparently, he has the magic touch tonight.

7:46pm- She wakes up, but is content with Daddy, cooing and smiling.

8:35pm- We head upstairs and while he changes her diaper, puts her into her long-sleeved onesie, and into the Halo SleepSack, I prepare the room. I turn on the white noise, fill my water bottle, and change into pajamas. He brings her into the room and swaddles her while she watches the spinning ceiling fan. It’s like her jam. I sit up in bed with the Boppy, he hands her to me and I nurse her, while he turns off the light and walks out, leaving us in the dim room.

9:10pm- She is asleep. I set her in the rock and play and step out. I go back downstairs and we turn on the video monitor. Chris brings me ice cream and we watch Food Network shows.

10:00pm- I say goodnight to Chris and come back upstairs and pump, getting 4 oz. I put the bottle in the fridge, set the pump parts in the fridge in a gallon bag for the morning and go brush my teeth.

10:20pm- Tip-toe into the bedroom and get into bed for the night, doing one last check of Facebook  and of her to make sure she didn’t accidentally smother herself, and enter in my pumping session to my baby app.

10:28pm- Lights out.


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That sounds like such a long and busy day! I don't miss the every 2-3 hours of feeding. My milk never came in, but even bottle feeding that often is exhausting. I felt like I was always washing bottles too.

She is precious. I am so happy for you. 🙂

Dream Chase

Sounds like everything is going great for her age. I'm so, so happy for you!


I have not attempted any REAL shopping outings yet so you get big points in my book!!

Heidi Langdon

I loved reading this and am still so glad you've got your precious Olivia to keep your days full 🙂

Gypsy Mama

Sounds like a great day! If you end up babywearing a lot, you don't have to so official tummy time as it works the same muscles. That's what I heard anyway…

Gypsy Mama

Sounds like a great day! If you end up babywearing a lot, you don't have to so official tummy time as it works the same muscles. That's what I heard anyway…