3 Months: Where did my newborn go?

3 months. I can’t believe it. I should just start every monthly post with this statement. I mean, she’s not even my little newborn now. She’s like, a baby. An adorable, squishy little baby. Three months is a big deal around here. So of course we had to do a little photo shoot.

She’s getting fun now. Especially when I can put her into a yellow tutu and she actually seems to not mind it.

And oh the smiles! She does it all the time now. I mean, when she does, it makes you feel like you really deserved it. You must adequately entertain her, and then sometimes after she smiles, she gets Very Serious and looks like she is judging you (she probably is).

I’m totally judging you.

So here we go with the new monthly layout. Maybe these posts are BORING to read, but… I want to remember her how she was at these stages!!

Nicknames: Monkey, Olive, Baby, Liv, Livvie, Livvie Lou, Livvie Lou Lou Lou. I don’t think she really even knows her real name.

Weight: 13 lbs 6 oz (according to the home scale)

Length: 24.5 in

Diaper size: 1

Clothing size: 0-3 and 3 month clothes

Eating: She’s still digging the boob. She eats about every 2-3 hours during the day, but is only eating now about 2 times a night. We have been trying to get better about practicing with a bottle (so far, the Dr. Brown’s bottle is winning out) every day because girl likes her boobs. And while I love that she loves my boobs, there are times when we are out and about that it would be nice to whip out a bottle instead of whipping out… well, you know. So far? It’s not going the best. She takes down maybe an ounce tops before calling it quits. And she’s an equal-opportunity shunner. Sometimes she refuses to take it for me, but Chris comes in and she will cooperate. Or, like last weekend, she will refuse Chris, but agree to suck down some for me.

I take a bottle when I feel like taking a bottle.

So.. it’s a work in progress. Funny how when I was in the hospital with her, I was SO against bottles and pacifiers, terrified that she would prefer them over me. But now, when she wants to eat for the THIRD time out in public or when she is wailing, I find myself cursing for not allowing these things earlier.

Sleeping: For a long time, she was up every 2 hours to eat (almost to the minute). Then she would have a 3-4 hour stretch initially and then wake every 2 hours after that. But the last few weeks she has been going mostly 6 hours initially (usually 9-3am) and then once again around 6am. Two weeks ago she slept for six hours, waking to nurse at 2:30 and then not again until 7:00!!!! She has been sleeping in the rock n play in her Halo SleepSack. Any time after 5am, I bring her into bed with me until we get up for the day. It works for us. This, I can handle. As far as naps, I find she has been doing 3 naps about 1.5-3 hours, depending, and then several 20-30 min cat naps spread out. She naps best in her swing. I know at some point I need to give her an official nap routine (swaddle, white noise, in the rock n play) just like her bedtime routine. Our goal is to transition her back to the pack n play in our room until she is 6 months, and then transition to her crib in her own room.

Milestones: Smiling more purposefully.

Health: Her gas pains have gone down to almost nil. I credit that to her probiotic she’s been on since she was 6 weeks, and the weekly chiropractor appointments.

Likes: Smiling. Looking at herself in the mirror. Playing on her back (not on her tummy, gawd forbid-see below) on her activity mats. She has one that she can kick her feet on a piano and one with little animals hanging. She particularly loves her little caterpillar bug.

Rawr! I lurv my animals so much!

She loves nursing. Looooves it. She loves when I talk to her and sing to her. She loves the ceiling fan. Getting her diaper changed. She loves sitting up. It actually makes me sad because I used to spend so much time holding her and cuddling and now she is happiest sitting up by herself on the couch. She’s so tiny, it’s kind of hilarious.

Whatchu lookin’ at?

She loves going for walks. It’s been so cold here that we’ve only been able to get out 4 times with her and she slept the whole time.

Baths are becoming more fun too. She used to scream and now she just kind of stares at you and kicks her legs and you’re unsure if she is having a good time, but then you try to take her out before she is ready and HOLYHELLFIRE SCREAMS! She is also a big fan of her swing (of course) and her bouncer. She also has become a big fan of Daddy.

Dislikes: Tummy time. Hates it. Wails. Though two Saturdays ago, even amidst her sobs, she reached out for the first time to try to grab the little giraffe next to her. She also hates being hungry. If she’s wailing from hunger, god-forbid you waste any time in feeding her. Pacifiers. Not being picked up when she wants to be picked up.

Undecided about: Car rides. Her car seat. For the most part, she sits in there pretty content, but then we have those times where she is NOT having it. And she is still learning how to soothe herself, so usually her initial cries just turn into wails and then full on screaming and coughing and choking.

She also is a bit confused about sitting at the dinner table with us.


She also isn’t sure if she likes her baby carriers. I have a Moby wrap, Tula and now the Ergo 360. Sometimes she settles in there, but then hits a point where she is like, I’m. Done. She has to be six months before she can face out in the Ergo, and when she can do that, I think she will like it a lot more. She would rather face out.

Looking forward to: SPRING! Namely, warmer weather. Chris and I took a walk almost every night when it was nice, and even in the dead of winter heavily bundled. It’s hard being cooped up even when we can go walk indoors at the mall. And with her fussiness in the evening, a nightly walk would pass some of the time, because she enjoys being rocked around in the stroller. We are also looking at planning a trip down to Iowa to visit Chris’s family in early May. We also want to spend a night or two along Lake Superior in Duluth. I know she’s way too little to care, but I have been waiting to bring my child there for a long time.

9 weeks
10 weeks
11 weeks
12 weeks. Neck control? I gots it now.

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Happy 3 months!!! Can we just agree that if we could have fast forwarded straight to 3 months it would be FANTASTIC!!! Of course I wouldn't change anything but you know what I mean?? With more head control and being able to sit up more it makes a world of difference plus being able to make them smile and laugh is the best!!


Oh and the screaming, coughing, choking care rides..I GET THIS!!! Totally unnerving to say the least but we finally had one good car ride yesterday but that was because he fell asleep thank goodness! Last weekend I had to pull over like 3 times on my 30 minute drive home because it was killing me to hear him like that poor fella.


That yellow tutu is now my favorite. Look at her rock it!!

So glad to here she's growing, smiling (I still go giddy for smiles), learning to love baths and rocking the playmat. Transitioning to bottles is hard. Especially as she has the option not to at this point. Hang in there and keep doing that hard work.


Risa, I hope this doesn't come accross as insensitive, as I mean it in a genuine way. I see so much of you in her! It's the facial expressions and personality that leave no doubt whatsoever that she is your daughter.

Lisa Moore

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