2 Months: Every little thing she does is magic

Again, another month has passed. I know I blogged weekly when I was pregnant, which was actually the most I blogged since I started this page. But now I have a newborn and suddenly it’s been a month since my last post and wow, how time flies. It’s not for lack of ideas to talk about. But in the spare moments throughout the day when Olive is sleeping, it’s TV, or reading, or cleaning, or in some rare instances, sleeping myself. That whole thing of sleeping while the baby sleeps is hogwash.

Things are good. They aren’t perfect, but they are good. Olive is behaving exactly like any other baby, and doesn’t cry much unless she’s hungry or wants to be held. And we can always comfort her. So the point I am trying to make is that I don’t know if I am a very good blogger when I am excited and happy.


Olivia is two months old. It seems like her first month was spent with her eyes closed, not doing much except sharting and eating.

And she still does those things. But she’s so much more alert now. Like she’s turned from this mewling little newborn to a, well, baby.

Why yes, sharting is totally my thing. In fact, I may be doing that right now.

She started smiling at me. Like, for real, not in the I’m working up a giant shart smile. The thing is, she’s realized at her tender age what a camera or phone is and she immediately stops whatever cute expression she’s making when TECHNOLOGY GETS IN HER FACE.

So. I have no pictures of this, but you guys. That smile. She started about a week and a half ago with this smiling for real thing and then last week, I went to her crib when she started fussing after a little nap and she SMILED. As in, I’m so happy to see you Mama!! Now give me your boob!

Disclaimer: She was highly observed by me. Yes, I know babies should sleep with nothing in their cribs. This was “here, listen to your Christmas bear while Mama washes her hands” turned impromptu nap in which I was too paranoid to leave her for more than ten minutes. Also, I didn’t catch the smile on camera of course.

And I was so freaking teary-eyed and in love that I did.

She had her two month check up on Friday. She is up to 22 inches and 12 lbs. Also, she apparently has a big head. We found out she has torticollis, meaning the left side of her neck is tight. We have to practice keeping her head turned to the right as much as possible which she hates and screams the whole time, unless I trick her and nurse her laying down next to her. If it doesn’t improve in a week, we need to do PT. So that sucks.

We’ve been working on tummy time, which doesn’t constitute much more than her wiggling around in frustration and then promptly falling asleep, but whatevs. It is getting her acclimated to when I will torture her for real and make her do all the hard things like work on neck control.

It must be paying off because at 7 and a half weeks, she actually rolled herself over from tummy to back in righteous indignation at being placed on her stomach.

She continued to wail her frustration. I clapped my hands in glee and tried to get her to do it again for the video camera. She didn’t. Because TECHNOLOGY.


But she loves her swing. Like, loooooves it.

I mean, what’s not to love about a swing? As adults, I personally thing we all need to own one. But if I had one too, Olivia would just want to be on top of me in my own swing because the girl loves nothing more than to be held. A good poop too, but being held is a close second.

Let’s see, she went to church for the first time. They have a parent-child room where parents with children can sit to watch the service on TV. It’s pretty much no different than if we live-streamed the service at home, only there are toddlers running around sneezing and trying to climb on Olivia’s infant carrier while I look on in horror because I am a total germaphobe.

But she did get to wear her outfit Chris picked out for her that was meant as her hospital going home outfit, but she was too teeny at the time to fit into it. Isn’t she totally adorable?? Don’t mind the darkness under my eyes, or the fact that I actually don’t remember if I showered that morning or even brushed my teeth.

Mama, I see the dark circles under your eyes.

Chris and I also went on a date while my parents watched her. It was like negative a million degrees outside so they came to our house and Chris and I got out to have lunch and see Star Wars for the second time. It was good. It was good to get away and I mean that with all the love for Olivia. I love being with her, but it was good to get out with just my husband and give my parents some time alone with her. And it makes the reunion that much sweeter.

The nights have been a hit or a miss. Chris caught this horrible cough before Christmas and has been sleeping on the couch for almost a month, since he has to sleep sitting up and I can’t sleep with his coughing. So I’ve been GASP bed-sharing with the baby. It’s the only way I can get a decentish nights sleep flying solo with her. Good thing is I do believe she sleeps in longer stretches initially at night, but bad thing is that I sleep with my boobs in her face all night, which to her is like an all you can eat buffet open 24 hours a day. So after that initial stretch of 3 or 4 hours, she is up every hour and a half to two hours wanting to nurse. So it’s a hit or a miss whether or not I am a functioning human being the next day or not. Good thing is, cue swing. I can usually catch up on two hours of sleep in the early morning if needed.

So. Two months. Two months of having this little miracle living at home with us. I’m eating it up as much as possible because maybe next month she is going to ask for the keys to my car or something.

5 weeks
6 weeks, and one more picture and I will kung fu you.

7 weeks
8 weeks

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So cute! Absolutely love the outfit.

We bought 2 different swings: a MamaRoo and a Fisher Price Snugabunny. The Beats both preferred the Snugabunny. Email me and I'll send you the video. But yes, swing. I still believe we could have world peace if we bought one for every leader around the globe.


Too cute!!! I sleep with Bowen for half the night in the recliner so that I, selfishly, can get some decent sleep too. Not sure if he'll ever sleep in his crib at this point! He sleeps in the swing for a few hours a night also. Since he has started daycare I want to hold him even more at night rather than putting him down to sleep, again not helping him sleep on his own but whatev. She is precious!!!


She's so gorgeous! For the records, there were many nights where I fell asleep while breastfeeding, so Kate has slept many hours on the boppy pillow. Not ideal, but we discovered that it actually helped when she had a cold as she could breathe a little easier while angled more up right.

IVF Centre in India

Awwwwww……….. so cute…… lovely

Julie Aguas

Beautiful! Enjoy!

IVF Centre in India

Your baby is so cute… Love your baby…


Oh Risa, she is such a little doll! So beautiful!!! Please don't worry about the torticollis and the possibility of doing PT. I LOVED our physical therapist! I learned so much by just watching him play with my babies. It seemed like more play than pt exercises, and it was fantastic.