32 Weeks: NSTs and Baby Showers!

So. Things have been happening, and I have been too tired and lazy to blog about them. So this may be a long winded one, but I promise lots of pictures!

Let me start at the end of last week: Seaweed Gets Another US:

Last Friday, the day Seaweed turned 32 weeks, we had an ultrasound. This US came about in this way:

1) My doctor was out of clinic early last week so I saw his partner who ordered my weekly NSTs, biophysical profiles and US.

2) I scheduled these including said USs but was unsure if my own OB really wanted them. He told me the 30 week growth scan would be it for US.

3) I spent last week messaging and calling his office for clarification.

4) I never got an answer.

5) I went to the US anyway rather than cancel it. Because, you know, I wanted to see my baby.

The tech said the US was part of the biophysical profile, which I didn’t understand at the time, but is due to my blood pressure and the BP meds I’m on. Apparently they can affect growth.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Seaweed, bigger, badder and fluffier cheeks than in her 30 week one:

Her face is a bit messed up since she moved it during the scan, but she’s back to frank breech and loves to hang out folded in half.


And That Same Day: Long Lost Friend Makes a Surprise Visit:

My mom and sister come with me to the US appointment. Later in the day I was to meet with my friend Devon for lunch because my first shower was Saturday and she was helping host. I walked in to the clinic and saw her there and suddenly another girl stood up. Yeah. Remember my friend Celina, from Texas whom we stayed with during both my transfers in Houston? Here. In my clinic. Flew in to surprise me for my shower.

Shocked is how I felt. I couldn’t believe she was here, really here and ready to spend the whole weekend with me, host my baby shower and see my sweet baby that day on US. It was unreal. Her and Devon and I went out to eat and then Celina and I spent the rest of the evening together. We talk every day, but to actually have her here… it was awesome.

Saturday: We All Gather to Celebrate Baby Seaweed:

And celebrate we did. My three friends convened on my house while Chris took me out for breakfast. They decorated, brought food and just generally made my day amazing. I couldn’t believe how fast the time went. One moment I was greeting my sweet friends and then I was opening presents and then it was over. Seaweed is so loved already. We were blessed with a ton of diapers, adorable clothes and… just so much stuff. I am overwhelmed.

The card from my sister, Seaweed’s auntie, while short and sweet, pretty much summed up the whole day:

Here are some pictures capturing the shower:

We made fingerprint balloons with everyone’s names and Celina drew an elephant holding them by strings. It will hang in the nursery.

These girls threw a fantastic shower. They are some of the most important women in my life.
I never thought I would get to see this girl in person while we were both pregnant.
Miracle IVF babies and future BFFs

Beginning of This Week: Baby Gets Non-Stressed Tested:

Monday I had my NST and doctor appointment. Baby was NOT impressed with the NST. I lay there on the table for 20 minutes and every time I felt her move I was supposed to click the button. Three times during it, she went rightously nuts and flipped out and I just started pressing the button like crazy. Apparently that’s normal though, and the doctor referred to it as her “play times.” Her heartbeat was perfect, the NST readings were perfect, and the only thing that was not perfect was that I was so hungry I wanted to eat the elastic band on the torture device strapped to my abdomen.

My doctor came in at the end and I asked him about the weekly USs I was told I’d have to have. Well, apparently yes, he does want me to have them and apologized for not making that clear as part of my weekly testing. He was lucky that he dangled the ultrasounds in my face like a Twinkie, because when he apologized, I said, “You had me at Ultrasound. You had me at ultrasound.”

So continuing the tradition of milking my insurance for every single precious coverage penny, I will be going to TWO appointments every week until I deliver: a non-stress test with my weekly appointments, and an ultrasound.

This baby is so high maintenance.

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Luisa Jonker

I love it! Thanks for making me cry with happiness for you 😉 I tell my husband Justin all the time when you update on your lil miracle as we look at our lil miracle!

Melissa Long

Aw congrats on your shower, it sounds perfect! I had lots of Nst and Bpps with my second and it got to be a lot!


Aw what a precious little profile picture!!! It looks like you had a wonderful shower and your dress is too cute, looks comfy too!!

Amanda Eisenberg

Looks like your shower was a blast! I went for my growth scan yesterday and my little DFET is measuring HUGE so they just added the NST and biophysical to my weekly apt schedule. Instead of twice a week tho mine are all Thursday morning – 2.5hrs of baby fun.


One word: AW! Risa, this brings tears of happiness to my eyes. No words, but lots of smiles. Congratulations!


You all look great!