25 Weeks: My baby is a total kick tease

Another week has gone by. I’m still amazingly pregnant. In fact, the belly got bigger.

Chris and I registered at Target at Babies R Us last weekend. The plan was to register at one store Saturday and the other on Sunday. Only we discovered that we actually had an enormous amount of tomatoes, way more than we thought out in the garden and knew we had to sacrifice the entire Sunday to can. So we thought, Ok, we’ll just go to both stores and register. No biggie. It’ll be fun.

I later ate my words. Along with pizza, ice cream and a Lindor truffle.

We started out at Babies R Us and I brought my nerdy spreadsheet of all the baby things with brand names. Laugh all you want, that thing was a life-saver considering I stood in front of the pack n plays for 20 minutes trying to decide which one to register for because gah! I didn’t look this up in advance and put it on the spreadsheet! Facepalm. And I know what you’re thinking. Risa. It’s a pack n play. Risa, it’s a baby bath tub. Risa, my god, they’re toddler cups. Pick one. Risa, you’re killing me. But seriously, when you’ve spent years questioning whether or not you are even going to have a baby, suddenly, holding my belly in the feeding aisle at Babies R Us studying the dizzying number of baby bottle brands that I neglected to read about because I was all “Oh well I’m going to try breastfeeding” and didn’t think about the fact that I may need a break from feeling like a hoss long enough for Chris to give a flipping bottle but can’t because we have no bottles, feels like a VERY BIG DEAL. So. Needless to say, I got overwhelmed pretty quick.

We took a break for dinner and then went to Target and repeated the whole process. I may or may not have registered for too many baby girl clothes like everyone said not to. But seriously, I would come across a tiny onesie with maybe some matching pants or booties and Seaweed would give a happy kick like, You should totally get that for me.

Speaking of kicks, I’ve decided that my daughter is a total kick tease. She does this all the time- mostly to Chris. She will be kicking frantically all day long for me and as soon as he’s home, and he puts his hand on my belly, she’s fallen asleep. Until he takes it off and then she’s happily punching and kicking again. And she’s not playing well to the crowd either. People will randomly put their hand on my belly waiting for a cute little kick and Seaweed flips them off and floats away to go tromp on my bladder or possibly my cervix.

Well Sunday night we were celebrating Chris’s birthday and my sister Tiffany her and husband were in town from Louisiana (the ones we stayed with both times during our Texas transfers) and we were all over at my parents with my other sister, Natalie. Baby starts her exercise routine and I am sitting on the floor and Tiffany is next to me so I grab her hand and push it into my belly. But of course Seaweed is playing really low down all the time so it just looks like I’m shoving her hand into my crotch which is totally cool because it wouldn’t have been the first time. So we’re sitting there and everyone is waiting with bated breath and I keep asking her every 30 seconds, “There, did you feel that?” and suddenly she’s like, “Yes! I did!” And yay we’re all happy and then suddenly mom my mom and Natalie want to get in on this so more hands get shoved into my belly and… nothing. Chris is all “Don’t worry about it, she does this to me all the time.”

So anyway, Monday comes and Chris and I are back at Babies R Us trying to decide on a glider and I’m sitting in the $500 one that we had a good laugh over because we did 5 IVFs and have no money, and suddenly, baby starts kicking. I grabbed Chris’s hand, determined that he feel his daughter kick, damnit, and he’s leaning over me with his hand by my crotch and we’re hoping no one comes by. She gave him one kick and then said that she was done performing and please go away.

Total kick tease.

But you guys, she kicks all the time! I can feel it when I lay my hand on my stomach, I can see my belly bounce sometimes, and I find myself strangely inclined to speak with her when it happens. Like, Oh hi baby! How are you, baby!? Do you want something to eat? But instead of baby, I call her by her real name.

I think we’ve gotten one, narrowed it down. It’s been her name for a long time. Only it’s a surprise to everyone else so you’ll just have to wait. Because I’m a total tease like that.

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Our baby boy does the same thing!! He will be moving and kicking up a storm and as soon as the hubby puts his hand on my stomach he stops. It's like I can't grab his hand quick enough! haha He has felt it some though. All of the gliders are so expensive ugh! Did you see that you get 10% back on all purchases made from your registry, even if you buy some stuff from it.

Melissa Long

Like mother like daughter! Total tease lol!


Just wait till your belly really starts contorting with all those Kung fu moves as your baby gets bigger! Then everyone will be able to feel her moving all the time and it's so much fun. It took my hubby a looooonnnnggggg time to be able to feel the kicks. He got so incredibly frustrated, but then one day he magically could feel them!

By the way, completely not fair to tell us you have a name, but then won't tell us what it is!


I can just hear it now…."Baby Seaweed!" Lovely 🙂 Sounds like a lot of fun…this post just made me chuckle with happiness!