19 Weeks: I don’t need you, I don’t need anyone!

I have a Snoogle you guys!

This thing, I wasn’t sure about it when we first got it. It’s gigantic. Here’s a incredibly cheesy picture I snagged off of Amazon.

Apparently this thing has been around for a long time, judging by those pants she’s wearing.

When I first tried it out, I was a little concerned that I would get claustrophobic in it because I felt really confined. (I think Chris got it for me when I was nine weeks or so.) I put it aside for awhile until I hit 16 weeks when I couldn’t be on my back anymore. I took it out again and tried it. The first night slept on my left side the entire night and had some neck pain in the morning. It made me really wonder if I wanted to keep using it during my pregnancy.

And then.

Oh my Lord you guys this thing is the greatest pillow ever. I used to wake up all the time during the night. But now…

I mean, it does create an issue if there is to be any sort of touching. As in: Chris cannot break the Snoogle barrier. Oh, but the sleep! And the comfy! Can you really expect me to choose between my Snoogle and my husband?

Nobody said pregnancy was romantic, right?

I felt a kick yesterday. A honest to God kick, not this fluttering I’ve been feeling for weeks. I was working on the phone with a patient and suddenly felt this… well, kick from the inside on my right side. It hurt and it made me stop what I was saying. It just happened once. I later went to the bathroom and saw that right in the same spot was a Lovenox bruise so that would explain the pain. For about 20 minutes after that, I felt the same bubbles I would feel every once in awhile, but they were stronger today. Like my baby grew into the Incredible Hulk overnight because I wasn’t feeling anything that strong before. This is apparently where pregnancy gets really fun!

My appetite is mostly back and the food aversion has almost completely gone away. I actually feel hungry now although I can still only eat a small amount at dinner before OMFG I’m going to explode! And then we repeat the process a few hours later.

I’m just about to the halfway point now. Incredible.

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Yay for movement!!! It's the best feeling and will get stronger with each day/week!! I thought about that pillow but I just don't think we have enough room in our queen size bed for it 🙁 So glad to know it's working for you though, sleep through the night is amazing.

Melissa Long

This IS the fun part! I am glad you like your pillow. I bought one, but the head part is way to thick for me, gave me a headache!

Non Sequitur Chica

The Snoogle is the best thing on the planet!! My husband would steal it when I would get up to go to the bathroom and we joked that I would continue using it after giving birth (I contemplated it but gave it up).

Yay for movement!


Hooray for movement and kicks!!

Confession time: I still use the Snoogle. In fact, Grey uses it too. Yes, it's makes couple contact hard (though we've managed to perfect spooning with the Snoogle); but that pillow is SO comfy.

Thinking when we wean the Beats from pacifiers we'll also have to wean from the Snoogle. 🙁

Dream Chase

So glad everything is going great!!! I wasn't a fan of the snoogle, too hard for my head.


Feeling movement and kicks is the only thing I miss about pregnancy. It's really amazing.
I actually hated the snoogle. I usually ended up wrestling with it all night if I ever needed to move or get up to pee. I was so excited for it, too. Oh well. Glad it's helping you get some sleep.

Sarah Wellington

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OMG I'm not even pregnant yet but I want it – looks perfect for my back when it's acting up!!


Is this a commercial for som BS company? On someone else's blog? Seriously?? Have you no shame?