7 and 8 week ultrasounds

Last week, I had my 7 week US (technically 6w6d).

You guys, I think for awhile, instead of a baby, I was carrying a fairy princess in there.

Heartbeat was 122 and Seaweed was 5.5mm, measuring at 6w2d, which is 4 days behind but the doctor said that was well within range. Progesterone went from 21 to 75. I have no idea why it shot up that much after being so low, but it’s definitely one less thing to stress about.

Yesterday, 7w6d.

My symptoms (nausea, gaggy, fatigue) had almost completely disappeared for about 2 and a half days. I’m not going to lie. Cue major freak out. It didn’t matter that in my frantic Googling I discovered this is entirely normal. It didn’t matter that two separate friends told me this was normal and happened to them. To me, this was over. I just knew I was miscarrying. It was a stressful two days not knowing what was going on with Seaweed.

Yesterday, we were brought back to the exam room, vag cam inserted, and suddenly I saw this YOUGE baby on the screen. It was seconds of anxiety waiting for the wand to still so that the heartbeat would come into focus. I think I even clenched my eyes shut until I heard, “You can breathe. Baby is still there!”

Yes. Baby is still there all right. After letting out a little cry, I was shown where the baby’s head was, including the black space that is the brain cavity. The tech said it was still a little early to see limb buds, but there is a definite baby butt. May I say the cutest baby butt evah! We can now see the area where the uterine lining is thicker, that will eventually be the placenta.

Heart beat was 160 and Seaweed was 14mm (half an inch) and measuring 7w5d, one day behind schedule. I didn’t get this heartbeat on video which I kind of regret, but still. Progesterone is 39.

There is an actual baby in there, which leads me to believe I will actually give birth to, instead of a giant gas bubble like I thought. I can’t believe the difference in the two ultrasounds.

I guess I can breath a little easier until next Wednesday, when I have my first OB visit with their ultrasound. Right now, I am enjoying the fact that I have now made it to 8 weeks.

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Everything looks great!! You will love each ultrasound from here on out because there will be a huge difference each time 🙂 Yes I also went to HFI, they gave us the cute little onsie when we graduated yesterday.


Seaweed is very cute

Melissa Long

EEKK! I love love love these posts!


Yay! Super excited for you!!!




What wonderful news! Congratulations!


What a cutie patutie! Great news Risa!


Wonderful news!