Proof that my genetics are full of craptastic mutations

Ok, ok, so here’s the scoop.

The miscarriage panel I had a few weeks ago? AKA, the lab work to see if I have some sort of clotting disorder that could be causing these chemical pregnancies?

The MTHFR lab to test for a genetic mutation?

The test I finally got after how many cycles of failure?

Gawd, enough question marks, bitch???

Want to know what MTHFR stands for? Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. Say it. Try to say it out loud. It will change your life.

So, I was tested for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase.

See also: MTHFR

See also: MoTHer FuckeR that is possibly ruining my life and causing me to eat Hamburger Helper and ramen noodles because I can’t afford anything else because I’ve spent all my money on making babies.


So. Here are the results. Actually in a link to my mom.me article, because you guys, I need clicks on these articles to show that people are actually reading these things:

Crazy huh?

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Amanda Eisenberg

Welcome to the world of Lovenox 🙂 Also, make sure you talk to your RE about possibly needing to increase your B vitamins in order make sure all the extra Folic Acid is being absorbed. When they switched me to 1200 a day I also had to increase my B6 and B12 levels to compensate.


It truly is a mother fucker. I have two mutations of mthfr and this is the furthest we've come in a pregnancy. I'm also on folgard twice a day. Taking baby aspirin and lovenox daily.

Sindi Barker

That's exactly what I have as well..So sorry that you are having to go through this, but at least now you know what is wrong and the doctor can prescribe you with medications that can help you conceive.


Well, I guess at the very least, it's good to know. It's hard to know if this was the issue with the other pregnancies as embryo quality has also been listed as a potential issue, but at the very least, this is certainly important to know going forward. This seems to be pretty common in the IF community, and it's often not tested for until incredibly late in the game in my opinion. Why wait until 2+ losses to do a simple blood test?!?! Glad you're getting some answers.

Morgan Brooks

Good ol' MTHFR. I have compound heterozygous MTHFR Mutation…. It's a peach. I'm actually a little surprised they are giving you more folic acid. From my understanding of the mutation is you'll want a bio-active form (essentially folic acid converted back into methyl-folate) of mthyl-folate so that your body is capable of using what you're putting in. I don't know much about Folgard, so maybe it's already converted over to the form your body need to absorb. I'm so glad you got some answers and are being active in treating it! Oh and side note: I agree with the B… Read more »


You always manage to make me laugh even when you are writing about the not so fun stuff. I'm sorry your results came back positive for MTHFR, but maybe, just maybe this is the info necessary to help you conceive and stay pregnant! Please let it be so!


Yay! I think! Isn't it so effed up how we end up hoping for something like this… Anything to tell us why!! And I'm just so glad that there are ways to turn this around for you!! Praying the new meds do the trick!! XO


I'm SO thankful you got this answer!! This could be a huge game changer and I for one, am hoping that it is. xoxo

Amanda Martin

Someone on the What To Expect Trying To Concieve board had posted your story awhile ago and I have been following your updates ever since. I too was diagnosed with MTHFR after 2 chemical pregnancies. Thankfully I found a doctor that didn't waste anytime in figuring out what was going on. My mutation is Compound Heterozygous. When I was diagnosed I did all the research I possibly could and I have to agree with the above poster, Morgan. I switched from a regular prenatal with Folic Acid to an organic prenatal with natural folate. Our bodies can not breakdown the… Read more »


While I hate that there is a mutation, at the same time, I'm glad. Does that make any kind of sense? It means a problem, which means a plan and a fix.


This is great news!!! I also have the compound heterozygous MTHFR mutations. I had one son through IVF before I found out (lost his twin and had a HUGE blood clot plus bleeding all through pregnancy…hello red flag!) I went on to have multiple BFN's and m/c before I got the diagnosis. They put me on the same stuff (Folgard, aspirin, with a prescription prenatal) and boom! It worked! Had my second son via IVF. 18 months later I had another baby from the same batch of embryos! So it definitely means something to me. Exciting!!!


Wonderful news that they found out what was causing the problem. Unknown infertility really does suck. Hoping that for you this will really hope with your treatment and that you'll have a great outcome.

Melissa Long

Wow, I'm so glad they found a REASON! I have to admit, I cracked up at your interpretation of MTHFR–I totally thought the same thing when I heard about the disorder! I pray that you'll be able to get the treatment to overcome this quickly!

Kimberly Taylor

Ditto with the above. I'm happy to see that you have gotten an answer. Now you have a baseline on REALLY starting your baby making games.

Ashley Sanderson

I'm so glad that answers are happening and I have to say, when I saw MTHFR, all I thought was mother f***er too! Haha!

The Mrs. & Co.