A day for celebrating and remembering….(The man posts)

Saturday was a very special day for Risa and I, in which we spent the day remembering and celebrating for two different reasons. We were celebrating the mark of our sixth year since the day that we got married. That was quite a day for us.  The previous night, our rehearsal dinner, there was horrendous rain and tornados causing a lot of damage. Our wedding day though, had the perfect weather to go with the perfect bride. Below is a photo from our wedding and I just want to thank our photographers, Erin and I Photography, for the amazing photoshop work on me, otherwise people wouldn’t even notice I’m there.

Yes, she looked amazing!

This year for our anniversary, I wanted to do something nice for the two of us. Six years is a great feat, but it isn’t a milestone like five or ten. Last year for our fifth, we weren’t able to have a big milestone night together as we had just found out the first IVF didn’t work, Risa was having a miscarriage, and we had lost Adam.

So how do you go about celebrating not only your wedding anniversary, but also taking time to remember the baby that you lost? I was torn about exactly how to go about this, but I decided to try and make it fun with enough alone time for us to remember what has been going on. How did I accomplish this? Well, first off I asked one of our friends (thanks again E!) if she would watch our fur baby, so that I could book a room in the same hotel that we stayed on our wedding night. This was something I wanted to do for our fifth, but given the IVF, I just didn’t it would be appropriate. To add to it, I kept this a complete surprise and slightly bugged the hell out of her by telling her she had to be ready by 2 PM but gave no indication as to what we were doing, where we were going, or even if we were leaving at 2. She only found out when our friend rang the door bell when she arrived to stay and watch Toby.
So, surprise romantic place to stay that brings memories of our wedding night but also give us the peace to talk about this past year? Check.
Our view from the 17th floor!

Next, I wanted to plan the night full of good food. When you crave some good food in Minneapolis, you have to go to Crave. The food is so amazing. Just look below and see the fresh baked artisan bread and the delicious stir fry and fettuccine dishes. Add in a delicious sangria and great beer, and not only did that bring us back to the great food we had at our wedding, but the booze helped with easing the pain of remembering last year. Check check. 
Lastly, I wanted to find entertainment like we had 6 years ago, dancing the night away at our wedding so we could have a great time to forget our worries. This one fell into my lap by pure luck but I will take what I can get.  Minneapolis is hosting baseball’s All-Star game this week and with it, MLB puts on a concert for the fans that is free. While that’s all great, the headlining act this year was Imagine Dragons.  Risa and I both love the Imagine Dragons and have always wanted to see them a second time. With luck and help from another friend (thanks again J), we ended up getting tickets to go see them. While I can’t compete with the awesomeness of their lead singer, who Risa has a huge tiny crush on, I felt for the whole night, I was doing okay. 
You wish you had this cool of sunglasses. 
So while we did a lot of things to bring back the great memories of our wedding, we had a lot of time to ourselves and enjoyed being together and remembering what we had lost. Losing Adam on our anniversary was heart-wrenching, but it adds another level to our anniversary that we will never forget. Going forward, we will always be celebrating and remembering the emotions of losing him. While we learn to live through our loss, we will never forget how much we have gone through in order to build our family. Our anniversary will always be for celebrating and remembering these major events in our lives…… the start of our life with each other….and the love for our lost baby. 

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Such a sweet post! And a sweet husband to do all of those things to make your anniversary special. I'm so glad you both had a chance to reflect on both the good times and the heart wrenching loss of Adam. Happy anniversary!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples

Such a heartfelt post. We are so luck to have such awesome men in our lives, aren't we. Happy Anniversary.


Happy Anniversary Chris & Risa! I'm glad you took the time to celebrate and remember. And I'm certain that Adam is with you both, wrapping you in love and celebrating his parents. Thinking of you both.

lo @ crazy ever after

Such a neat way to honor you guys as a couple and your sweet Adam. Everytime I think of my yet-to-conceived kids, I imagine them thinking Jesse and I are awesome people that do fun things, and LIVE LIFE. I am sure that's what Adam thinks too about his awesome parents. Also….I feel like the only person in the TC metro that wasn't at Target Field this weekend. Major envy for not being a part of everything.

Trying to guess where you stayed downtown….was it The W?

lo @ crazy ever after

*yet-to-be 😉


Happy Anniversary to you both! You two were tailor made for each other. Such a touching way to celebrate.

Melissa Long

What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary to you both!


Happy anniversary!! That was a really sweet way to celebrate 🙂


Happy, happy Anniversary! Risa, you are one lucky lady to have such a great hubby! XO


Happy Anniversary! And might I add, you are very sweet man to go to such lengths to make your anniversary so special. But I'm sure it's easy to do when you have such an awesome wife. 🙂

Kandie Walker

Happy Anniversary!! Great job Chris!! I knew Risa was awesome already but know I know you are too! {not that she hasn't bragged on you time and time again ;-)}