Oh, 2014, we are going to be best friends

We are almost a week into the new year.  Has everyone successfully broke their new year’s resolutions yet?

What is it about a new year that makes me want to start as many new projects as humanly possible?  This year will be different, I tell myself, This year I am really going to do it!

So what utterly predictable “New Yearsie” things have I done this past week?

1) I joined a gym again. Yes, I am one of *those* people.  Feel free to give me dirty looks and throw cupcakes at my fat ass.  In my defense, I had a coupon for a zero down enrollment fee.  I was planning on joining the gym anyway…

2) I am writing in a diary, every day for all of 2014.  Again, feel free…

3) I am doing a photo-a-day challenge, to play with my new camera.  I am going to take one picture every day and at the end of the year, I am going to make a scrapbook of all of them.  So far, out of the five pictures I have taken, four of them are of food.  See #1 above.

I even came up with a list of “14 things to accomplish in 2014.” Because this year, man, I am telling you, this year will be different.  Right?  Isn’t that we keep telling ourselves? It’s time to start fresh, get back on the treadmill, and sweep up all that negativity that was hiding out under the rug.

I thought about writing a post about how much 2013 sucked.  I could have made it killer long and detailed.  I could have given it the finger and stamped my foot and lamented about what that year had done to me.  But instead, I am going to put it behind me and introduce myself to 2014, shake its hand and tell it to try to be kinder to me, damn-it.  In 2014, there are two real things I want to accomplish.  I will finish my book and submit it for publishing, and I will not allow infertility to consume my life like it did last year.  That’s all.  Because there are no guarantees of babies and cribs and maternity clothes.  So I am not going to spend this year obsessing over it.

With all my health issues right now, I am surprisingly happy how I have distracted myself from it all.

About three weeks ago, I started having blood pressure issues from the steroid, dexamethasone from the IVF cycle.  Like we’re talking as high as 190/113, which prompted an ER visit.  Dizzy, lightheaded, bad headaches… It’s been fun.  I don’t have high blood pressure and apparently my body does not like this.  Long story short, I have stopped the steroid, and the BCPs soon followed, leading to the IVF cycle being cancelled.  I am now taking two low-dose blood pressure meds, which is slowly starting to stabilize my blood pressure, but I am working half days this week as it always seems to worsen in the afternoon/evenings.  My doctor had told me that the next cycle can happen when I get my period again, and will be done without birth control pills, which I am curious to see what takes its place.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year~

I loved seeing my baby sisters and brothers in law (or is it brother in laws?) These people are so incredibly important to me.

So, 2014, perhaps you won’t be such a little bitch after all.

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Amanda E

I'm also set for a non-BC IVF cycle – my first! I'm also starting whenever AF decides to show up since my last IVF was cancelled due to AF's early arrival…bring on the shots!

Just T

Wishing you a wonderful 2014!


Happy New Year! I'm so happy to hear that you're ok despite the high blood pressure episode! XOXO


Sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time with the meds, but I think your attitude to 2014 is awesome. Here's hoping it's finally YOUR year.

Jennifer T

It sounds like your plan is close to mine… Infertility is not going to consume this year. I hope I can quit being so obsessed with having a baby, because I don't have much control over that at this point! I hope 2014 is much kinder to you and me! You have some great new years resolutions!!! Happy 2014!! Wishing you your best year yet!!

lo @ crazy ever after

I love your plans for 2014!! You have a good mindset entering the new year.


I have blood pressure issues as well, I feel like 'um, I don't remember checking the box where I asked for extra complications!' I'm glad you're responding to your BP meds and a plan is outlined for your next cycle. Sounds like there are a lot of big things in store in 2014!


I'm in the same boat with BP issues from all these hormones… my dr attributes it to the increased estrogen (mine started with my estrogen IM shots). So annoying right? Good for you to have so many New Years resolutions. I've made 0 so far. hahaha. which is good since i can't break any? Lame excuse? Totally. LOL


Have fun with your new camera.


i hope 2014 is outstanding for you!

Jenni Moore

Hope 2014 is a great year and you accomplish all of your goals. I had to do the same thing as far as infertility. I was so tired of letting it not only consume my life but control it! I am so much happier (or more happy-whatever) now that I have control of my life not infertility.

Lilee Davey

I'm hoping this is your year to do great things–whether that includes a baby or not. You sound like you have a great attitude going in and I hope you are able to accomplish everything. Happy New Year!


Oh Risa! I'm so sorry about the BP issues and the canceled cycle. What an absolute bummer. I don't even know what else to say. I really hope that 2014 gets better with every day that passes.

Morgan Brooks

Happy 2024! So sorry about the cancelled cycle, and the blood pressure! Praying for healing! It sure looks like you rang in the new year with some sweet friends and family! Love the pictures!


I love the pictures!! You guys all looked like you're so much fun together. Love when families look that happy. 🙂

Sorry about the cancelled cycle but hopefully things are all figured out and moving smoothly now!!


I've been wondering about your last IVF cycle. I'm sorry you had complications with it and it got cancelled. Hopefully it just gives more information to help make the next go round that much more successfully! You and your sisters look so much alike! Looks like you all had a great time together through the holidays. Good luck with your resolutions!