This is what happens when we allow strangers in our kitchen

Have you guys read this story about banning strangers from touching pregnant bellies?

Am I the only one who thinks this is less of a case of legality or annoyance, and just thinks this is plain creepy?  I mean, if I were pregnant and I had some strange guy in my kitchen come up to me like this :

and put his hands on me, sure I’d sue him.  I’d also pull out my crossbow and go all Daryl Dixon on his ass.  (I know, any excuse to make a Walking Dead reference.)

This seems to be simply a case of assault, which is illegal.  So why is this case getting so much attention?  This seems to be a far cry from the lady grocery shopper who can’t keep her hands to herself.  Is she annoying, yes.  Should she be charged with assault?  Not so sure.

I guess the main thing to take away from this story is:  No touching bellies without permission.  Also, don’t let creepy men into your kitchen.

You’re welcome.

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Well, if you read some of the comments, people aren't paying attention to the facts. They keep saying stupid things like "If you don't want someone to touch your belly, then just tell them! Don't waste taxpayer money creating a law and arresting people for it." or "Next thing you know, I'll get arrested for bumping into a pregnant woman at the store!" Obviously, they didn't read the (short) article well enough to learn that the woman DID INDEED tell the guy to stop, but he didn't. That makes it assault. That makes it illegal.


I think it's because it was a pregnant belly he was touching that it's drawing all this attention. If he had come into her house and touched her abdomen or chest or arms or legs, it would be a case of assault. End of story. But, since it was her pregnant belly, it's not about the assault but about the fact that a pregnant woman didn't want her growing belly touched (and strangers touching a pregnant belly without permission seems to be a completely acceptable social norm). I wouldn't let a creepy man into my house. I certainly wouldn't let… Read more »


I really don't understand the phenomenon of people getting all up in your shizz when you're pregnant. You wouldn't be touching my midsection or asking how long my husband and I have been having sex normally, so why does the presence of the baby inside me suddenly allow you to do these things? The ONLY time it's acceptable for a stranger to touch a woman, is if she invites them to. Now, I agree that the man needed some sort of action taken on him, mostly because the woman told him to "stop" and said "no" multiple times. Once "no"… Read more »


No one should come up to another person and lay hands on them without their permission.


Seems to me like it's already a law that you can't touch people when they don't want you to and ask you to stop, regardless of if you are pregnant or not. However, now that I am experiencing being pregnant with a big belly, I have a new appreciation for how many people do truly want to touch your belly. I had no idea. People act crazy around a pregnan woman. I just wouldn't think there needs to be a law stating don't touch a strangers pregnant belly.


Yeah, agreed that the plain ol' vanilla assault law would probably suffice here. That said, I've never understood the whole "strangers touching bellies" thing. Why on earth would you ever just go up and grab a strange person? Why? BOUNDARIES, PEOPLE!


I don't understand what's so great about touching someone else's pregnant belly. I'd touch my own, sure! But what benefit is it to ME to touch SOMEONE else's belly? Is there some kind of thrill that I'm missing out on?


Weird that there needs to be a law about this. In fact, there probably doesn't need to be a law about this. As creepy as the situation sounds, I'm thinking it's probably a pretty rare occurrence. Other situations like this probably just require good boundaries or a little bit of patience.


I was dreading the whole strangers touching my pregnant belly phenomenon. Then it NEVER happened. Not once. On the one hand, I am relieved. On the other, I feel cheated out of this pregnancy right of passage. Like, what's wrong with my belly that strangers aren't drawn to it? Haha