How can I describe my ovaries?

So it would appear my left ovary is Daryl Dixon with a fucking crossbow.

Bad ass.

Well, for me, at least.  Me and my old eggs.  Monitoring appointment this morning showed 5 mature follicles on the left side and 6 small ones on the right that aren’t measurable.

Right side is acting all Lori-like, sitting there all pretty, but not doing shit to contribute to the cause.

Last IVF, I didn’t respond as well as they were hoping.  I only had 5 mature eggs total, so Lefty is really acting as the overachiever in this.  I go back again Thursday, but I am thinking retrieval will be happening this weekend!

I didn’t forget about giving away my book, Hannah’s Hope.

I lied. I did forget to announce the name on time.

It’s these medications, see?  Lupron makes me cry, and Menopur and Gonal- F distract me from all things important as they bruise my stomach and make me waddle around. I feel like Barney must have felt standing next to the little skinny girl:

I didn’t realize so many of you have read this book.  The winner is: Ann from A Day in the Life of the Foster’s.  I am not a total douche-canoe and I have already contacted her, so I can’t wait to send her the book.

And so there you have it. Walking Dead references alongside Barney the Dinosaur.  Aren’t you glad you stopped by here to read this?

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Ann Foster

Thanks again! I can't wait to read the book!!!! Thinking of you today on 10-15-13 and GOOD LUCK and happy thoughts & prayers coming your way for your retrieval!!!


I am always glad I stopped by to read your posts 🙂 go left ovary!! And the right, well, maybe a few of this 6 will catch up. Thinking positive thoughts for you!


Go lefty!!! 🙂
I love Daryl. I will boycott the show if they kill him off.


HAHAHA this is amazing. Why don't more people compare their body parts to Walking Dead characters?? I'm going to work on it, personally.

Melissa Long

HAHAHA! Hilarious!! Barney and Walking Dead?!

Just T

I am all about the Daryl bad ass ovary!!!


Good luck with the potential retrieval this weekend!!! 🙂


Thanks for making me smile. I love zombie references and am glad your left ovary is being a badass with the crossbow.


THIS is hilarious:-) I love 'The Walking Dead'. I know your 'Darryl' ovary will fight hard.