Hello, March ICLWers!

I can’t believe ICLW is here already again.  This month has flown by way too fast.  I am madly reading The Kitchen House for Teresa‘s book club.  What a great book! 

For those of you here for the first time, welcome to my little space of the blogosphere.  I don’t get a lot of intelligent thoughts on here, mostly because I am usually found complaining about my itchy vaj from my progesterone, or negative pregnancy tests.  I have been going at this for dang near close to four years now.  (Seriously, I should at least get a button or something for my infertility anniversary).

Or maybe this T-shirt:

Actually, that would look great on my husband.  I can see it now: wearing it proudly, chest puffed out while his wife is sobbing and trying to scratch his eyes out.  Clomid, ladies.  Who needs mind-altering drugs when Clomid costs me ten dollars at the pharmacy? 

I digress.

So, four years of trying to create life in futility.  I have just completed my third IUI (this is getting ridiculous, oh Goddess of Fertility) and am in the Two.Week.Wait.

It’s not going so hot this month.  Have you ever been working out at the gym, minding your own business and something whacks into your throat so hard it knocks you to the ground?  Except that that something is heartburn/ indigestion/ oh for the love make it stop! and instead of landing on the ground, your mouth starts watering so bad that you feel like if you take a deep breath you’ll vomit?  And try running with a heart rate monitor strapped under your boobies, squeezing the be-jebus out of your esophagus.

Aren’t you glad you came on over here?

Really, it’s been brutal.  I don’t remember when I’ve had heartburn this bad.  I burp.  All the time.  I’m constipated.  I thought we were done with that when I stubbornly refused to give up my coffee.  My salt intake has been drastically reduced… but I am as bloated lately as I am when I am on Clomid at the start of my cycle.  It’s not fun.  In fact, as I type this, I want nothing more than to upchuck my diet food because that might make this heartburn go away.  Gross.

Vaj?  Itchy.  I’m hanging in there with that.  I am told to stop the progesterone suppositories if I get another infection.  It’s close, man.  Like that asteroid that almost hit us?

Yeah.  That close.  And I still have five more days until my beta.  Think alkalitic, people.  If that’s even a word…

Make it a great day, Bloggers.

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Just T

Five more days! Good luck on this cycle 🙂 Fingers crossed for you.

Impatiently Waiting

OH I hope you get a BFP for the both of us! 😉 I just love your posts! You make me laugh. I want that shirt! Kudos to you for tolerating the Clomid effects! Your hubs is a trooper! 😉 Love ya girl! Now, go get that BFP!

OH! And I love that book! It is so good, I am glad you finally grabbed a copy!!!

Non Sequitur Chica

I can highly recommend charcoal pills for your heartburn/indigestion. I was on two different kind of prescription meds during law school and realized that I didn't want to be on medication anymore (ha ha ha and yet I just went through an IVF cycle). My gastro dr. recommended these pills and they have changed my life. You can find them at any drug store (the brand I use is called Charco Caps) and after taking two, you will feel better in 15-20 minutes. They are natural too. Hope this helps!


Heather S. @ I Should B ...

I agree we should get a prize for fertility struggles! I'd like to put my order in for a BFP. I guess I'll take a shirt as a runner up prize if they are all sold out of BFPs but only this month. 🙂

The Kitchen House is great! Read it for the book club too.

Good luck in your BFP


A Place to be Me

Wow way to keep up good humor throughout…all of that! I'm watching anxiously for your results in a few days!


Hi from ICLW. Hoping you get good news.


SO hoping for a BFP for you. And I can't get enough of your wit. I know that you'd prefer to be boring and pregnant, but as far as infertiles go, you're hilarious.

Stephanie K

It takes a lot of courage to be so open and to the point. I've been following you when I can just because of that. All the things I wish I could say you do. Good luck on your journey, I'll thinking I you and hoping or that magical BFP.


We all definitely deserve medals or badges or at least a gold star. Fingers crossed for you this cycle!


Hi from ICLW! I hear you on the Clomid. I'm surprised there's not more murders caused by these things. Fingers crossed for this cycle!


Hi from ICLW! I'm also in the evil 2ww so I feel your pain. I hope this is really the beginning of a 40 week wait for you. Good luck!


Loved that book! I'm currently listening to a Jody Piccoult book that I would not recommend for an infertile…clearly should have read the description better before starting! Anyway…lots of good, *positive* thoughts coming your way 🙂


You make me smile! I'm sorry you don't feel well, though. Keep a bottle of tums in your purse, and chug a little prune juice! I don't have any itchy vag advice, unfortunately.


I hear ya on the progesterone! My vaj does NOT like it either. Terrible itching is an understatement!!! Sorry about all your side effects, but hopefully it will all pay off!


Just finished the book. So So good! I'm glad I have it now forever. Love ya too!! 🙂


Wow that's pretty cool. And I like that they're natural. I will have to look for those.


I know, I love that book. I read the back part where the author talks about how she wrote the book and it gave me chills.


Thanks Stephanie 🙂 I am bad at reading blogs. I just need to get through one more month of school…


Ha ha Lisa. I like the sound of that.


Interesting… Which one is it?


Returning your visit. Oh, man, that sounds miserable! I really hope this cycle is the ones for you.


Progesterone heartburn is the worst!! I was matron of honor in my brothers wedding last July and between the hot flashes from clomid and heartburn from progesterone, I had to leave the alter twice cause I thought I was gonna lose it. I hope this cycle is it for you!!

Frozen OJ

Happy ICLW! I hope all this uncomfortableness hasn't been for naught and you get a positive beta in a few days. I remember being on Clomid and how horrible that was, but thankfully I haven't been on progesterone (other than provera to induce AF).

Maria Rothenburger

Happy ICLW! Okay, I am totally cracking up over here. Even though I know you're in real discomfort right now…you lay it all out there so comically. May you have a BFP to show for it. 😀



I have my fingers crossed for you! The Clomid can be such a nasty drug. My biggest issue was the hot flashes – got worse from cycle to cycle. Hopefully this is the last time you have to put up with the heartburn!

Happy ICLW!


Here from ICLW. Yeah, you should have a button or gold star, we all should, really. Best of luck with this cycle!!


Hi from ICLW…good luck on the 2ww


Hi from ICLW. We really do need some sort of badge of honor… good luck!