ICLW is here! And I’m a dick for not giving up caffeine! And shout-outs!

Welcome bloggers to ICLW! Finally, I get around to my posting.  This is my second one and I love it!  Not to say things don’t get a little dicey when I am working four days a week, going to class, writing papers, and taking care of spending time with my husband.  I just finally caught up on my commenting and I appreciate everyone coming over to my little part of the blogosphere and saying hi.  You can read about my TTC journey and timeline in the blogger tabs.  Take a peek around.  I love meeting new people 🙂

I am currently 9dpIUI, so I am in the 2WW.  That’s right.  That time where even the strongest women become piles of useless neuroticism, which mainly come in forms such as over-analyzing every cramp, boob-soreness, and contents in our lady-panties.  We spend a lot of time urinating on sticks, and eating copious amounts of Ben and Jerry’s.  The 2WW.

ousoonerchick at One Day at a Time is in her 2WW with me and wrote this post.  I have been drinking coffee still in the morning, although it is half-decaf/half regular.  I’m sorry.  I know caffeine is the devil during fertility treatments, but when I cut it out two months ago, I was in a constant state of backed-up plumbing and I was. so. crabby. Guess what?  I still didn’t get pregnant.  So thanks, ousoonerchick, for not making me feel like a total douche-canoe for having some caffeine in the mornings.  Shout out to you!

Also, my other blogging friend, Teresa at Where The Bleep Is Our Stork? has this awesome giveaway she is doing so go there and show some love 😉

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Stopping by from ICLW. Good luck; The 2WW is the devil! I'm with you on the caffeine (though I was TTCAL and not battling infertility.) I'd cut someone if they tried to make me quit.


I also do half caff coffee in the mornings, and I have read a lot of studies showing that caffeine isn't necessarily as bad as everyone thinks. Then again, I also have a drink here and there, etc. sorry, but I have been at this for over 4 years and tried giving up all sorts of things, and it never made a difference, so I do what I can to help me relax 🙂


See Steph, and I have been at this too for four years and I want my coffee. Glad to know I'm not alone. 🙂


Hi Stasy! Yep, I would do that same if someone told me to quit 🙂

Impatiently Waiting

I have not given up caffeine either! I cut back- but I didn't quit. Quitters never win. 😉

Thanks for the shout out on the Give A Way! It ends the 28th!


Only a few days left!
Don't feel too guilty about drinking caffeine. I think as long as you aren't drinking gallons a day you are fine.

Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse

You say Ben & Jerry's … I think Cherry Garcia – aaahhhh!

My fingers are crossed for a very happy ending to this 2ww.


Hang in there! Not much longer and you will know…. Crossing my fingers for you!


No problem dear 🙂


Here's hoping for you! Geez, I am such a caffeine-aholic! And quite honestly, I know people who stuck to a strict no caffeine, no alcohol for an entire year before treatment and people (like myself) who didn't live life so honestly and there never seemed to be any rhyme or reason as to who was successful. Best wishes! (here from ICLW!)


Fingers crossed for a great beta!! 😉 ICLW #30

Ann Foster

Risa- I've been thinking about you every day and checking in for updates! Do you test on Thursday? Good Luck!! Fingers crossed and prayers sent your way!!!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples

Hope your 2WW flies by. I think our bodies are pretty resilient so a little coffee should be fine. Who the hell knows anymore . You can make yourself crazy trying to do everything "right" and avoid all of the things that "could" be bad. Anywho…Happy ICLW!!!


I'm not a big caffeine person, but there are LOTS of other things I should be giving up and am failing at…sugar, milk products, etc. I'm doing my best but it's SO HARD! I think that sometimes we need to allow ourselves little indulgences in order to stay sane…which is important.


Hi Ann. Yep Thursday 🙂 Thanks so much! It's much appreciated!


Couldn't agree more, Emily. 🙂 It's just a lot to give up right now 🙁


Hi from ICLW! Wishing you the very best of luck on Thursday!