I’ve been inseminized!

Whew.  First IUI of two is over.  I was imagining it to feel as bad as when I had my HSG procedure a year ago.  It definitely isn’t sex, but at least it was over pretty quick.  (Heh.)

The nurse started out by having me take my pants off.  I wore my sexiest underwear just for this occasion.  I have to take what I can get.  I won’t lie.  I pranced around once for Chris.  Trying to get him in the mood and all.  I was nervous.

Ready to be injected with boatloads of sperm.

Chris came and stood by me while the nurse prepared everything.  She showed me a syringe and I had to sign a form saying that the little vial was indeed contributed by my husband.  Too bad it didn’t say Channing Tatum.  Why couldn’t it have been Channing’s by mistake?

“Your count is at 127 million,” she explained, “So that’s pretty good.  We like the number to be over 20 million.  And you are at 75% motility and we like it over 50%.”  She laughed when she saw my eyes dart to Chris, who by that time was puffing his chest out proudly.

I held his hand as she passed the catheter through the speculum, through my cervix, and into my uterus.  Yes, I felt all of it.  The nurse told me I may feel some cramping.  Holymotherofgod.  I’m not trying to be a baby.  I just hate that feeling.  I’m so glad Chris was there.  It was just really uncomfortable.  I think the whole thing took five minutes.  Chris reminded me of that later.  I reminded him that he wasn’t the one in the stirrups.

Afterward, the nurse set a timer for ten minutes and told me when it went off that I could get down off the table.  Of course because I couldn’t do much, I suddenly felt the insane desire to cough, sneeze, laugh and pee all the same time.  No way.  Those 127, 000, 000 sperm were not leaving my body.  To distract myself, I tried to focus on my extremely pissed off cervix cramping up.  That, and wishing there was a picture of some hot guy’s face stuck to the ceiling above me.

Afterward, we went to Lola’s in Minneapolis for some pizza.

Luckily this cat plate made me feel better.
Chris was still gloating about his sperm count.

“You know, if you think about it, I had like six times the amount they were looking for,” he bragged to me on the way home.

I have to admit, I was sitting there in the office beforehand thinking that 30 million would be a good number.  Tomorrow we are going back in the morning for another round.

127 million sperm. In my body. One of those f–kers better fertilize my egg.

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Autumn Jones

Good luck!!!!


Thinking of you guys and praying you two become you three!
<3 Ashes


This post makes me giggle and grin. Your hubby had every right to be proud. Fingers crossed this does it for you!
Here for ICLW (this time).


That is a ridiculously awesome number of swimmers! Good luck, my dear. I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you!


Thanks everyone! I appreciate the happy thoughts!


Hi from ICLW. Just did my 6th IUI on Friday and we too had good sperm counts this time. Here is hoping that you and I will both be pregnant soon.

Jenni Moore

Love the pics…I've never felt to take pictures when we were in the room. Baby Dust to you!


Thanks, Rebecca. Baby dust to us both!