Be jealous of my infertility lingo. 

It means I am 10 days post ovulation, 8 days post IUI.  A little tidbit I forgot to share.  Remember how I said I was looking forward to giving myself a shot in the peace and quiet of my own bathroom?  Sheee-yeah.  Well what really happened, was that I got called into a sexual assault case during the Saturday I was on call, but supposed to be off by 3:00pm.  I get called at 2:50, get a meanie staff person to tell me that I am still on call and need to respond.  The case turned out to be a lot more complex than I thought and when my window of time rolled around (6-8:00pm) that I had to trigger, I called Chris and had him bring my shot to me.  So there I am, giving myself a shot in the stomach as fast as I can in the Emergency Room bathroom while someone was pounding on the door the whole time.  Nothing like a little relaxing during ovulation. 

Still have heartburn.  Still have indigestion.  I’m hungry.  My boobs hurt.

Oh, and the latest?  Mood swings.  Namely in the way of crying/laughing.  Sometimes I cry.  Sometimes I laugh hysterically.  Sometimes I do both.  I’ve already cried three times tonight.  Twice started out as laughing and suddenly found myself crying and apologizing to Chris while I lay on the floor.  Could this be a pg sign?  It better be, because my poor husband puts up with a lot.  I could at least give him a child in exchange for all I am putting him though.  At least I am over halfway through this 2WW.

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You are putting me through nothing. What you are going through is so much more intense than anything I get to go through. 🙂 Plus your mood swings are kind of cute.


There's nothing worse than getting called in right at the end of your shift. Glad you were able to roll with the punches!

Teresa F

You post made me laugh! Thanks! I hope you get a BFP!


Come on baby!!! I'm so excited for you.


Aww, so sweet!


All fingers and toes are crossed!


My goodness…quite the trigger experience!

Alana at Ovuline

I love your sense of humor and the name of your blog! Hoping this is your month!!