Wordless Wednesday & 30 Day Challenge- Day 18

18.  Tell us about a pre-TTC pregnancy “scare.”  With your current partner, or with an ex.

When Chris and I were dating early on, we had a scare (yes, I know, premarital sex, moving on) and I was so nervous I was pregnant.  My period wasn’t late at that point, but I think I freaked myself out because of missing a birth control pill or two.  I remember taking like 78 pg tests, all negative, but it still scared me.  What if we were pregnant?  Would he stay with me?  Would we move in together?  Would we get married?  Sometimes, when I step into my time-machine, I like to go back to that month and point and laugh maniacally at those idiots.  Oh the irony!  Yes, he stayed with me.  Yes, we lived together.  Yes, we got married.  No pregnancies though.

In other news about my lady business, I am 1DPO and started my progesterone suppositories.  I was reading last night about side effects, and it appears I will become more tired, more bloated, and more sore than I am right now.  Oh the fun just doesn’t end.

Christmas day turned out to be really good.  More on that in another post, but even though this Christmas was filled with u/s, injections, pee sticks and timed-intercourse, I still got to spend time with my family, connect with some who can relate to me, and use my new Coach purse.

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