Who’s excited to have their period?!

—>This girl.

It has arrived.  My period, but more so, CD2.  Better learn your abbreviations, people.  This morning Chris and I went to our 7:45 baseline ultrasound appointment.  Nothing like getting up on a Saturday at 5:30 and driving 45 minutes in the rain to get a vag cam shoved up you.  I have 8 follicles on the right and 5 on the left.  Hopefully the Clomid works and I get more before my trigger shot.  Clomid is what grows the follicles and tells the ovaries to release more than one egg.  The hCG trigger is what actually makes my body ovulate and release the egg(s).

We asked about Christmas falling on one of the IUI days and she said they will be doing another u/s December 23rd to see how many follicles I have and that will determine when we will do a trigger.  “But worst case, you may have to have intercourse one of the days instead of an IUI if one of those days falls on Christmas,” the lady told us.  Ah.  I now I leave you with a quote by Michael Scott:

“My whole life I have known two things: I love sex and I want to have kids.  And I always thought those two things would go hand in hand, but now, I think it might be one or the other.”

 Something to chew on right there.

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How many follicles do they want before they do the trigger shot? This makes me think… What if you have like… 5 babies? Is that something they worry about? -Kelsey V


Hmm yeah good question. I didn't get to keep the record sheet from the u/s so I was going straight from memory. Maybe those are the follicle sizes. And they have to get to a certain size before I can trigger. My CD10 u/s is this Sunday and that is when they will see if everything is ready to go for the shot. I will have to ask about that because they probably said it was in sizes and not the actual number of follicles, but I was too busy with the probe between my legs to pay attention 🙂