My ovaries are super!

I received this packet of information for our upcoming IUI.  I was looking through it tonight and.. well my mind is getting carried away with the craziness of the past week.

“Superovulation / intrauterine insemination is designed to increase your chance of getting pregnant.  This is done by increasing the number of eggs and sperm in the fallopian tube at the proper time.  This is accomplished by superovulation, which uses medicines to stimulate extra egg production and trigger ovulation.”

Excusemewhat??  Ok, I realize I have already gone through a total of 8 cycles of Clomid, which is the medicine that stimulates this extra egg production.  I also realize it never made me pregnant.  It still doesn’t stop my brain from wondering…

You know you were thinking the same thing. 

As if I don’t have enough to think about right now. 

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