My favorite “perk” of childlessness

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3. When talking to your fertile parenting friends, what is/was your favorite “perk” of childlessness to rub in their face? Sleeping in? Vacations? Hot pre-pregnancy body? Come on, confess!

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Hmmm.  Ok, so I would have to say that being able to make that Target run in ten minutes is my “perk” of childlessness.  I mean, there has been plenty of times when I go to add an ingredient to my dinner and realize, CRAP!  I forgot to buy eggs and I neeeeed one!  (I do this a lot, because I am a moron like that.)  I can just get in the car and run to the store, no problem.  (Although usually I just call Chris and tell him he needs to bring me eggs when he comes home from work.)  Well, with a baby, I would have to change her, pack the diaper bag, warm up the car, pack her in the car seat, unpack her and change her again, feed her because now she is now screaming, repack, and then probably forget what I needed at the store in the first place.

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