The stupid emotional side effects of Clomid

Well, it seems my doctor is out of the office until next week.  I have my appointment set up, but I can’t get the 150mg of Clomid.  No one wants to approve that high of a dose and there is nothing in my doctor’s note about it, so I am remaining on the 100mg.  After I got off the phone with the clinic yesterday morning, I burst into tears for a good ten minutes.  Stupid Clomid and your stupid emotional side effects.  You and I need each other so I am remaining civil with you.  For now.

I am waiting to find out Tuesday before I take a pregnancy test.  I find that after each cycle, I feel like I get more and more numb to the wait.  Like, I am waiting and aware of it, but after three years of negative tests, you start becoming a little more cautious.

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