I think we chose an RE clinic

I went to my doctor’s appointment last Friday, and am still continuing with my Clomid 100mg for two more months. But, as far as Chris knows, I am stopping. I think it will take an enormous pressure off him.  At the end of July, I am going to get a referral for an RE. My doctor said a clinic called CRM and the University of Minnesota are her two top recommendations. Another one, she said, had a high rate of triplets, and the fourth she was wary about because there is one doctor for multiple sites. So it looks like I am going to look at the Center for Reproductive Medicine. They are one of the best, so I guess driving to Minneapolis is ok for me. The good news is that she thought that because the Clomid is working to make me ovulate, I won’t have to do the shots. Which is good because 1) hello? Who doesn’t like shooting themselves in the ass with a needle full of hormones? and 2) they are EXPENSIVE! So getting to go right to IUI (insemination) is good for us.

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