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Operation Baby Making When You're Infertile

Well, I must really be infertile if I’m now blogging about it.  I suppose every blog needs an introduction, so I will explain how much infertility sucks in my life.

Chris and I got married July 2008 and I still had a year left of nursing school.  We had been living together for three years before that, so for us, wanting to try to get pregnant eight months after we were married wasn’t such a “crazy” thing.  I went off my birth control in February 2009, and at the advice of my doctor used other means of birth control for the next three months.

“You need to get your uterine lining back to normal, and if you get pregnant too soon after stopping birth control you could miscarry, so be careful,” was her warning.  Three years later of condom-free sex, I realize now what a waste of time THAT was.  Being “careful?” Pah!

I digress.  The three months came and went, and I eagerly tossed the condoms and prepared to get knocked up like every other girl I knew.  This is what actually happened:

May 2009: Ok I’m ready!  I am done with school!  No more stress!

June 2009: It’s just the first month.  I’ll get pregnant the next month.

July 2009: Ok that’s fine.  No big deal.

August 2009: Hmm.  I know some people had to try a few months so we must just have to keep trying.

September 2009: Are we doing something wrong?

October 2009: My mom said it took her 7 months or so to get pregnant with me.  Patience…

November 2009: Bought ovulation predictor kit.  Tracking ovulation.

December 2009: Wait, does a faint pink line count on this thing?

January 2010: Finally learn how to use ovulation predictor kit.

February 2010: Fuck.

March 2010:  Why is this taking so long?

April 2010: Relax.  Next month will be the month.

May 2010: Fuck.

June-September 2010:  Nothing.  Nada.  Fucking fuckity fuck!

October 2010: Come crawling back to doctor, sob dramatically that I can’t get pregnant.  Orders tests. Referred to OB/GYN.

November 2010: Met with OB/GYN.  More lab work.  Doctor suspects low-progesterone since my periods have been only three weeks apart.  Become optimistic again that this is “fixable” and I will get pregnant in no time!

December 2010: Lab results back.  Verdict: My progesterone level is 1.97ng/mL.  Normally 6.5 in fertile cycles, and the goal was 18.  Prescribed Clomid.  Get giddy.  I could be pregnant by January!

January 2011:  Fuck.  Clomid didn’t work.  But it’s just the first month.

February 2011: Seriously?

March 2011:  Final Clomid.  Chris and I were buying a house, we were both busy with school (his Masters and my Bachelor’s), I am STRESSED!

April-December 2011:  Good-bye 2011.  You sucked.

January 2012: Saw a new OB/GYN at women’s health clinic.  House bought and lived in.  Job less stressful.  Ready to try again.  Schedule HSG procedure to check if fallopian tubes are blocked.  Start 1 of 6 cycles Clomid.  Find out HSG is clear.  Also found out fertility increases the next three months after because everything gets “flushed” out.

February- present:  Didn’t work.

I have my appointment scheduled with my doctor next week to start me on 150mg.  I have two more cycles to try before she is going to refer me to a specialist.  Did I ever think it would be like this?

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